Bloomin’ Bread Recipes and Idea’s!

Last week my son had some friends over to spend the night, and I wanted to be the nice Mom and make some food for them. Plus, I was looking for something to eat while we watched a movie.

I had bought some pepperoni and cheese to make a pizza braid, but I saw a recipe for bloomin’ bread and thought it looked great.

I had cheese slices and the are more expensive then shredded. You can use either, I have had blocks and sliced those for the bread. I sliced the bread as it was difficult for the kids to do, but they were able to do EVERYTHING else. It was actually fun for the boys to make their own. It was a hit, so I think should the kids have another slumber party that this would be a good activity for them.

Both loaves were baked together on the same cookies sheet and the kitchen smelled AMAZING!  If you need a snack or appetizer this is a good one!



  1. Amber R. says

    OMG! That sounds delish, definitly making the pizza one this week! Thank you so much for all your wonderful recipes they rock!

  2. Tammy says

    Can’t tell you how yummy this was! (We made the pepperoni variety)…just wanted to let you know ~ if you have an electric knife, cutting the bread is a snap ~ just be careful not to go all he way through! Thanks for sharing!

  3. stacey says

    OMG tried this tonight so good…..

    I used an Italian bread and instead of garlic powder I used real garlic

    Thanks for this I so enjoyed it


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