Randalls/Safeway: $5 Friday Deals

Today is $5 Friday at Randalls and Safeway stores! They always have some really good deals! Did you know if you load the $5 Friday deals to your Randalls card in the Just 4 U program you get the deals all weekend long?

When you go to the Just 4 U site, and click on the “your club specials” add all the $5 ones onto your card and they are good all weekend long!

If you are using the Just 4 U program, I need you to pay attention….

If you go the coupon center and add those coupons to your card, the ones that are Coupons.com coupons,  you will NOT BE ABLE TO PRINT THEM from your computer. Once they are added to your card they are considered printed!!!


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- Randalls In Store Coupon - Coupons you can stack with Randalls Coupons


  1. Whitney Tutor says

    Question-what if I add the coupons using the Randalls app on my iPhone? I should still be able to print from coupons.com, right?

  2. martines says

    i need to join to $5fridays, also i need to know if randalls is sellings the products from OTIS SPUNKMAYER, i wish to receive the coupons and offers, byesss

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