31 Days of Pinterest – The Elf on The Shelf!

We are having so much fun with our Elf on The Shelf. “Chocolate Buddy” is has made every day so much fun. Yesterday the 3 year old found him by himself and first, it was really the coolest moment I have seen for this little boy. He was completely beside himself that he found him. I just about cried watching him tell Paul that he had found him. Really cool.

As you know our Elf has been a little naughty, you can see that HERE.  He has also been really cute. There is a site that has 100 Mischevious ideas for your Elf. It is darling! Thanks for the tip My Crazy Savings!

On Pinterest, there are some really cute ideas, like the one above. Which for some reason Potty humor is big at my house right now.

I think this is what will be happening at our house today. Just thinking about my kids freaking out is putting a smile on my face, I bet I have kids that won’t drink it also!

Or your Elf can be a good and cute Elf and be making snowflakes!  Personally my favorite so far is Chocolate Buddy and this:

Very funny! You can get your own Elf HERE or HERE. 


  1. Nicole Cooper says

    I love it – I think that I’ll be making the milk green too and you’re right some may refuse to drink it. I am going to make some “coal lump” cookies and have Elsie (our elf) bring them on a day that they have been naughty – along with the poem. “I heard that someone has been naughty not nice,
    Santa has been checking his list twice.
    So for now, all you get from the North Pole
    Is this lump of coal !”

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