Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Dads! *Warning, send kids away*


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The Elf on the Shelf is really popular at my house. Our elf is named Chocolate Buddy and somehow we got a naughty elf.

*If you have kids reading over your shoulder, make them leave now….

O.K.? We good? Kids gone?

The reason our elf is so bad is because my husband is really my 8th child and has for some reason taken it upon himself to be the Elf mover each night. Which is good because I will forget. However, we have had nights where it has been an almost 3 hour long adventure with him creating some crazy scene for the kids to wake up to.

I love that he gets into it so much, it is fun for him and makes it SOOO much more fun for the kids. Even when the laugh is on me. I have woken up with my nose purple along with the kids, and went to bed one night to find Chocolate Buddy in my bed with a Barbie doll in a bit of a compromising position. “Honey! Very Funny! You better move the Elf, I am not explaining to the kids what is going on here in the morning!”

If you want to give your husband some ideas so they get in the spirit, if you have a mischievous elf or even a really sweet elf. There are a few of my favorites below:


Some of you might remember “fight club” from a previous year. This was my husbands masterpiece one night. The Elf is hanging from a thin thread from the ceiling. He even positioned the other stuffed animals and pinned their hands where he wanted them. The kids were thrilled! 

Well, and not every family will go this route, but I couldn’t help but laugh at my friend Brandon’s idea for their Elf. His wife nixed this one, but all the adults got a good laugh! Actually, I am still giggling because those very cookies were posted to the blog the same day. I wont do this for my little kids, but I have a teenage boy who would appreciate it!

This was another favorite for my kids. OMGosh! Look how much they have grown! Anyway, they LOVED it because unbeknownst to me, my nose was PURPLE as well! Haha, very funny honey…

Chocolate Buddy ended up going on Vacation with us for Christmas. We love staying on the Frio river and stayed at the TreeHouse. This is a deck built around a large tree over the water with a walkway out to it. It must be 40 – 50 feet above the water. I seriously don’t ever want to know how they got that Elf out on that rope swing like that. It was all the men folk, and I don’t nearly have enough life insurance on Paul for him to be doing stuff like this. But the kids FREAKED out in the morning. They talked about it all day long, that crazy Elf!

From She Knows, this has not happened yet at my house…. but my husband has it on his list! I will let you know when it does!

Lastly, I am a fan of The Bloggess ( minus the language ) and about peed my pants last night when I read about their Elf. I am warning you, the language is bad. If you want even more adult funny Elf ideas, here are the Top 11 inappropriate Elf Pictures.

Can’t believe I even just gave you guys that link. It must be Friday!

I know not all Dads find poop humor funny, or want to harass their children, I am sure some do sweet, nice things with their Elves. However, every Dad I know has been the one to do something crazy with the Elf at their house and it is a lot of fun!

If you have any crazy Dad Elf pictures, send them on in and we will get them posted! 


  1. says

    OMG – that is hysterical!!! I only have a 15 yo, so we totally missed out on Elf on the Shelf. But oh what fun I could have had. I can also imagine the fun we would have had with an Elf and one of my former bosses.

  2. says

    We did the marker idea last year (Stolen from you) and my 5 year old talked about it all year long. I might have to do that again this weekend!

  3. Anonymous says

    i laughed the hole.time.i did the marker thing to.my kids and bro kids my hubby and i took turns so funny to seee their faces in the am :)

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