Old Navy $1 Flip Flop Sale 2012 – STARTS TOMORROW!

If you have not gone to the Old Navy $1 Flip Flop sale, you are missing out on some fun… if you like fighting over $1 Flip Flops :) Just Kidding… it is a fun event at Old Navy!
This years sale is June 30th and it usually starts at 7am and some stores even have breakfast. There is a limit of 5 per person.

You CAN get them online, although they are a whopping $1.20 online and you have to pay shipping etc. The limit is still 5 there also. These are good if you like to make the cute flip flops with the ribbons.


  1. Samantha says

    I just left Old Navy in The Woodlands… NO lines and they were letting everyone do multiple transactions


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