Hitch Haul – Can’t live without item!

::REPOST – We just used ours again this weekend and had someone ask us about it, so I am reposting!::

I know this is a frugal blog but it is also my family blog AND an in general, “how to make your life easier” blog. You didn’t know you were getting all that in one did you?!

This weekend we went out of town to the Frio river for a long weekend. On Sunday as we were eating lunch it occurred to me that how handy the “Hitch Haul” that we have really is. The Hitch Haul is a platform that you can attach to the back of your truck or car to give you added storage space for your vehicle. This is one of the best, if not the best, under $100 purchases we have made for traveling! Well, beside the adapter to charge my computer while driving…

Sunday we used it as a picnic table to have lunch on, and again on Monday! ¬†Usually we use it for the ice chest, water cooler and extra Rubbermaid’s that don’t fit in the truck. We have used it to haul wood, hay and anything else that is dirty to avoid having to vacuum out the truck when done. We used it for boxes when we moved.

We purchased ours at Amazon for around $70. It has been so used and needed I think it is one of the best purchases you can make if you travel!


  1. Colleen says

    Just my opinion….but I wouldn’t put your dog in a dog carrier on the back of your vehicle….can you imagine if someone hit you from behind??? Just a thought….

  2. Stephanie says

    Yes those are great, sadly we do not own one as of yet. Recently took a Tahoe full of girls up to the Austin area for the weekend and had to borrow one of those and a roof top carrier just to get the girls to Austin with all of their stuff. :)

  3. says

    We bought one this summer and we LOVE it. I will say that we got an aluminum one and they are super light. It was a little more, but well worth it in my opinion. We got ours at Harbor Freight and Tool and it was right at $100.

  4. Britt says

    My hubby uses his quite frequently, generators to the beach, pump for work, ice chests, double stroller, extremely useful. Harbor Freight has them on sale quite often, the last Q I saw had them for $69.99! I always pick up the free item in their ad

  5. jenifer says

    I had to purchase one of those (it was the fold up kind) for our trek from CA to MI when we moved out here a month ago. It was a little more expensive to get the foldaway kind, but I LOVED it! Every night we’d stop, take off the luggage for the hotel and fold it up. So nice! Wouldn’t make a trip without it!

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