Make Your Own Scented Wax Cubes {DIY Tutorial}

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:: My episode aired! I missed it though :( You can see my segment HERE ::

About a year and a half ago I had the chance to do a DIY tutorial for Disney’s LiveWell station, with host Kat Cosley on how to make your own scented wax cubes. We filmed at my house for a few hours and I taught them how I reuse and make my own scented wax for my Scentsy wax warmers.

They were awesome and Kat is SUPER cool and really nice.

I have a TON and really I have a TON of Scentsy warmers, I am not telling you how many because my husband would flip! :) A Scentsy warmer is a name brand wax warmer that basically melts a piece of scented wax using a light bulb, that makes your whole house smell awesome. You can buy cheaper versions of these from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart from $5 – $15. They are really cute, and make nice gifts. I like them because I don’t like having an open flame with a lot of kids running around, and I like the way candles make my house smell good.

After the scented wax has melted and the smell is gone after about 12 hours, you are left with disks of hard wax. You can toss them or you can remelt them and add some more fragrance. This is one way to reuse the wax, I have 2 different methods I taught them.

Scentsy sells the scented wax of course, and you can buy off brands at Walmart, Target and even the Dollar Stores. Personally, I think Scentsy smells the best, but it is pretty expensive.

Scentsy also says that by using any other wax in their warmers you void your warranty on your warmer somewhere in the fine print. Just FYI.

When new, the scented wax comes in little plastic trays and you break them apart and pop them out like you would a ice cube tray. When my trays are done I save them to use as mold to pour more melted wax into.

The first tip is to save your wax when it has lost it’s smell and add more scent to it. I melt the wax either in the microwave or on a warming tray (below) in a bowl and pour it into the saved wax trays. You can get a warming tray by the candles at Walmart for $5. Many places sell scented oil and you only need a few drops. After adding the melted wax to the trays place it in the freezer for a while to harden, then use like you would new wax!

  • Melt the wax
  • Add scent
  • Pour in trays
  • Harden in freezer
  • Use again

reuse scentsy wax for tart burners

The second way I make these is with leftover candles I have OR with new candles I am given that I don’t want to have burning in my house. I get a lot of the Yankee candles and don’t want to light them so I make them into scented wax so I can safely use them.

Again I melt down the wax, either in the microwave (be careful of the metal tab on the bottom of the wick) or on a warming tray until the wax is completely melted. Then I pour them into the trays or into ice cube trays.

Put the trays into the freezer and when they are solid you can pull them out and you have scented wax from your candles that you can use in your warmers! This is the method that I use the most. I have found the Yankee candles when melted down and made into scented wax cubes smell better and the smell lasts longer then the Scentsy scents. But overall it is just safer in my home to not have an open flame.

As much as I love the Scentsy scents and buy them often, I love other candle brands as well that don’t make the scented wax. This is a great way to stretch your budget on the extra things in life by making your own. I would rather spend my money on the darling designs of name brand warmers, then on the scented wax.

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  1. Peggy says

    Is that a sled on top of your cupboards???? Good place where the kids can’t get to it..not that you need it in Houston…..

    Great idea….my hubby doesn’t like any smells of any kind (what man doesn’t like the smell of bacon??????)….During the holidays I use candles and warmers and it smells so good… your idea!!!!

    • Tiffany says

      Yes it is!! It is my grandmas and her cousins when they were little. There is writing on it in pencil from 1920, it is really sweet. Yeah I could really use a bacon candle. No kidding!! Love the smell!

  2. maria says

    when you say “add scent”, what does that mean exactly? What is “scent” and where can I get it from? Is it like essential oils? TIA

      • Patti says

        Personally, I would use essential oils as they are purer (well, supposed to b) and in addition to scent you get a medicinal benefit as well dependant upon the benefits you are seeking from the oils or blend of oils.

  3. says

    I craft daily, hand paint infact. And I did a tutorial on how to make a pie pan candle like the bass pro sells and I sort of did the same thing on melting down candles etc but I sure wish I had heard of or known that there was such an item at walmart called a candle warmer mat…guess where I will be goig tomorrow lol :) thanks I loved this post. I have some fruit shapped ice trays that I never use & now I can make some fruit scented tarts as gifts.

  4. Dawn Simon says

    Tiffany, you are killing me because I am one of the millions that sell Scentsy but, I have to say these are awesome ideas and I will deff be trying them myself!

    • Danny says

      I love Scentsy products too. My only problem with them is the business opportunity. Just like your comment stated that you were one of the millions of Scentsy Rep. The market is becoming oversaturated and you can buy cheaper, they may be more toxic though, wax at Wal-Mart plus you can make your own wax on the cheap. This is beside the point. Wish I would have got into the business at the ground floor. Hope your business is doing well!

  5. johnni says

    Tiffany can you give suggestions or do you have a list of what would be the best new scents to use that would be compatible with the old scent that was already used? I know once my waxes are used they still have a slight dull odor.

  6. Christine says

    Question, if you are re using scentsy wax and adding fragrance
    Couldnt you just add fragrance to scentsy wax while still in the scensty pot?

  7. says

    I can finally call myself a scentsy owner. I’ve only had it for a few hours an I am so in love with it. Ian so glad that I found this because I will surely be tryn this over the weekend. Thank you so much.

  8. melissa says

    I use glade and air wick plug in refills for the oil. fabreze regular refills oil does not work very well. I also use the warmers from Walmart and they work exactly the same as expensive. brands. glade oil refill is harder to open but it works. if u have questions contact me I am addicted to my home smelling great. and my husband loves it we get so many compliments on the smell of our home. no joke u can smell my home from our drive way. with six kids we always find ways to save.

      • Debd says

        I have bought that oil at Walmart and tried it. It didnt work for me. I dont know why maybe because its not a real essential oil???

    • Gen says

      Hi Melissa,
      Can you please tell me how much of the glade pluggin oil do you add to 1 lb of wax and what type of wax?
      I’m tired of paying so much for plugins and wax tarts! I’ve tried several oils like Essential oils from walmart and they did not work! It’s almost like adding water to the wax instead of oil!
      You can email me please!!

    • Anonymous says

      We moved from a new home to a 50 year old home. I am addicted to smells as well. I have been in my home for 10 years and I absolutely cannot get rid of the “old house smell”. I have tried charcoal, kilz, vinegar, bleach, odo ban, and about a million other things all to no avail.
      I am constantly boiling something to make the house smell better…my efforts seem endless. I have 3 openings into my attic upstairs. I cannot figure out what to do in those areas to permanently get rid of the smell of old.
      I LOVE my home but there is not a day that goes by that I do not miss our last home which was new and smelled wonderful everyday!
      I am open to ANY suggestions. I know many of you understand how I feel. It’s an addiction!
      PLEASE HELP!!!!

  9. Carrie says

    Could you start out with a fresh block of parafin wax and add your own scents from the beginning or is there a difference in candle wax and parafin wax?

  10. Alechia says

    Does your candle melt before you get to use all your melt? I find out that mine melt, melted before I could use all of them. I fallow your DIY. When We ( my boyfriend and I) had our garage sell,I wanted to sell my melt and they melted before I could get them out to sell. I also see them at flea market. They don’t melt under hot weather. How do I keep mine from melting? Do I need to add some thing in the wax?

  11. Tammie says

    Ok this is a great idea and I love smells. However now my whole house smells since my wax exploded in my microwave!! Think I might stick to buying my wax cause now I have to buy a new microwave!!! Lol

  12. Chelsey says

    Love this post, I have a yankee candle that was a christmas gift, sugar cookie scent YUM, I too prefer not to have an ooen flame in the house so I have yet to use it. My question is, with all the talk of scentsy scents being made of special low temp wax, do you have trouble getting them to melt in scentsy warmers? Do I dare change the bulb in my warmer?

  13. says I am addicted to candles and scentsy wax. I have tried the fragrance oils at walmart and michaels with no luck. Where is the best place to get a good quality oil? Thx!

  14. sasha says

    How many of the drops of the fragrances oils do I put in thank you so much you gave me some good ideas to not throw out the container and reuse them .

  15. Anonymous says

    Just an FYI. I used to work for Yankee candle and I am also addicted. You can also cut up a votive candle and place it in your warmer.

  16. Jujubeebuzz says

    Tip #1. When using ANY votive candles,turn it over, use a sharp knife and go around the metal disk on the bottom. The disk and the wick pull right out. You can then cut the votive into 3 or 4 slices and put 1 piece in your warming dish.

    Tip #2. When the scent is gone, turn off the bulb and let the wax harden. Take a butter knife and go around the outer edge of the wax carefully and it will pop right out.

    Tip #3. Do some research when mixing essential oils to “warm”. They are NOT all the same.

    And lastly, like everything else in life with oils, you get what you pay for. If you want a giant bottle for $5 of a scent that is “ok”, great. Or you can pay $10 to $15 for 2 ounces of very concentrated oil that you love the scent you only need 2 or 3 drops of for an entire project.Enjoy!

  17. Melissa says

    You can order candle fragrance online. A 2oz bottle would go a long way in a scents you warmer if you add it to the already melted wax. I’ve done this many times, keep in mind it only takes a couple drops if it’s a good quality fragrance. You can order disposable dropperettes to use.

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