Kroger New Houston Coupon Policy

I hate to go into the weekend on a really ugly note, but is Krogers new coupon policy for the Houston area.

I uploaded it to Google Docs HERE and HERE ( this one is a FAQ page)

I did notice a few things, it looks to me like they will NOT take another stores catalina’s for cash off. But, they will take a competitors manufacture coupon.

But other than not doubling or tripling not much has changed.



  1. Michelle says

    Everyone write the CEO of Kroger:
    David Dillon
    1014 Vine Street
    Cincinnati, OH 45202-1100

    Tell him how you REALLY feel and where you will be taking your business!

  2. Natalie says

    I’m not happy either!! Printable Coupons having value more than 75% of the item price are not accepted and coupons for free items not accepted???? That’s just not right!
    I’m leaning more and more towards Target every day! Walmart and HEB are great too!

  3. Rebecca says

    If you have a Brookshire around you I called them last week and they double and triple the same way Kroger did. They do not have the mega events or the 10 for 10 like Kroger but I will see how it works out.

  4. mgood3412 says

    i must say , I will not shop at kroger. The only reason to go to kroger is when they have sells that can be matched up with coupons. Walmart is way cheaper without all the hassel they will match prices and there coupon policy is not as strict. I hope more people stop going to kroger so they will lax their coupon policy.

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