Kroger Mega Event: LAST DAY!!!

This is the last day for the Kroger Mega Event, and just in time as there have been some changes and things are a little frustrating for some of you! Some are having no problems what so ever and that is awesome!

The Rice A Roni deal has been interesting to say the least! There are now 61 comments and I suggest reading them if you are planning on buying any Rice A Roni today! I really love how you guys come back to comment to help everyone else out… that is what makes this coupon community so awesome!

I want to let you know that a lot of catalinas are not printing today and last night. I am not sure if it is on purpose or there is a glitch, but if that happens go to the customer service counter and they can print them there for you. If you are doing the Rice A Roni deal and they don’t print they can NOT print them for you as it is an unadvertised deal.

Also, you can go back and look at all the deals that I have posted and print more coupons, and load more to your Kroger card!

This was the best mega event deal we have had in a long time. I am so proud of some of you that gave it a try for the first time ever. The more you give it a shot the easier it becomes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, we are all here to help and my readers are the best at answering questions if I don’t get there first or if I don’t know the answer!


  1. Tina says

    Tiffany and Readers, at our Kroger in Fort Wayne, IN, the Totino’s Pizzas have a $5.00 rebate on 4 pizzas. You can either have a check mailed to you or have it applied to a paypal account. So, the 25 cents for 5 pizzas is not a money maker of $4.75!

  2. mpieper says

    There was a lady last night at the Kroger on Sawdust who had a basket full of the Rice of Roni, including a box that the RR comes in. The box was half empty and she had a 2nd basket with RR that she had already paid for.

    She was at the self check out. She was ringing up 5 boxes at a time and then sending her son up to the cashier to pay with a catalina.

    I’ve never seen a shelf clearer in action. Very depressing. I was on my way out to dinner and was picking up a gift card, otherwise I would have gone back to where the RR is to see if the shelves were actually empty.

    • Rebeca says

      I was at the same Krogers late last night and I was able to get the deals so the shelves were not cleared out. Maybe they pre-ordered?

  3. sarah says

    Well, this just wasnt meant to be. I could only fnd one Kroger in NW Ohio (and i checked EIGHT within a 60 mile radius) who even had this Mega Event advertised. I thought today was the last day, so I drove 30 miles (each way) because I really couldve used the cat’s for other items. Get there..and oh, thats over..ended days ago. *Sigh.*

    I just cant figure Kroger out. None of the stores are running the same ads, some of them run for two weeks, some for one week, some start on Monday, some start on Thursday…its just way to confusing. My town only has a Meijer and a Walmart, so couponing is rough. I was hoping to figure out Kroger, and maybe make a monthly trip…but guess not. Im feeling beat-up and discouraged. Congrats to all of you who could take advantage of this awesome sale!! I am beyond jealous!

    • Dianna says

      Since Kroger is a far trip for you try checking the Kroger ad online. Use the zip code to the area you will be visiting on the Kroger website and choose a store you can visit. I bet if you choose a day each week to check the same store (location) you will be able to figure out when the ads start and end.This may take a few weeks, or call the store you want to shop at and ask for details. If your starts on a Sunday, I have noticed that Kroger sometimes runs an extra ad later in the week as well. Not typical of stores that start their ads on Wednesday.
      Good Luck.

  4. sara says

    went to kroger this morning and my cat’s didnt print. I told the lady she said that the manager said i would have to get a “raincheck” for my cat’s. I thought i dont want a raincheck. anyways he came over and told me I got the wrong items, I pulled out me ad and then he says will you have to pay first then they will print. I pulled out my receipt he then said he would credit my next transaction. I said well my next transaction is supposed to give me more cat’s and its not printing. They then moved me to another register and they didnt print again. SO they ended up just giving me back my original cat’s. So after all that bologna, It ended up great!

  5. Stacy says

    I went to Kroger today, got 20 items on the buy 5 get $5 promo (no Rice A Roni) & my Catalina’s did not print. I just went to customer service & they gave me my $20 cats with no problems.

    It was the same items I bought yesterday & My Catalinas did print at the register yesterday. Weird…

  6. motherofmanyalso says

    I too went to Kroger and had problems. I am in Alabama and It doesn’t matter what day I go, they are always out of what is on sale or what has coupons to match up with it. The only problem is that I have the same issue with Publix as well. Our Walmart just informed me that They are “getting away from coupons”. If it doesn’t work the first time in their computer then it is no good. How discouraging is this!! I feed alot of people and coupons and admatching are what gets us through. Oh well, I will keep trying…..

  7. Lydia says

    I went today and had know problems, purchased;
    Pasta Roni
    Rice a Roni
    Totino’s Pizza
    Toaster Scramblers
    Old El Paso Products
    And the catalinas worked on everything…
    Krogers: Shadow Creek Parkway, Pearland Tx
    Good Luck!!!

    Thanks again Tiffany,

  8. mayra says

    My Kroger is only allowing 1 transaction ( 20 items) per customer per day… Is that what corporate decided or just my store? I’m not a shelf clearer but would like to get more than 20 participating products…

  9. Britney says

    When I purchased the beef ricearoni the cats printed for me. But I went back and tried to buy the mexican kind they didn’t print. I returned them and got my cats back.

  10. Jan says

    Please check the dates — there was an entire shelf full of expired boxes of both Rice and Pasta today at the Gosling Kroger.

  11. Caro says

    I went today with friends to get pizza and monsters. It was theirs first time. We got 10 pizzas, 10 Mac and cheese, 6 monsters. We divided our transactions so we rolled the cats a couple of times. We went to the one by River Oaks. They were stocked

  12. Rebeca says

    When I was at the sawdust Kroger I overheard a manager saying that they were thinking about limiting the deal to 4 per Kroger card. If they did this we’d only be able to get 4 catalinas back. I think they are trying to cut down on people getting free items or not allowing people to clear shelves.

  13. Leah says

    Thanks Tiffany for all of your info for this sale! I was able to stock up!! Thanks again!!! I am looking forward to tomorrow’s ad and that’s kinda scary becuse it probably won’t have anything like this again! :(

  14. Gina says

    I went today and got several items with coupons from the potatoes to the BC icing but my Catalina did not print. I went to CS and they gave me cash back!!!! I was completely and totally surprised by this. No big deal I will use the extra catalinas tomorrow to purchase the meat we need to get through the end of the month. This sale has provided so much for my family, I am so great full.

  15. Meshell says

    Went today to a Kroger airline & Parker (where sum1 said they tried & wked) but I did not get a cat for my ricearoni and I got chicken so I returned the 10 boxes :(

  16. Danie says

    Okay, I have a question about using the $5 catalinas. I stocked up on cake mixes & cereal on this deal. I did not roll my cats into the next transaction. I currently have $45 worth of cats. Can I use all the catalinas in one transaction to go buy meats, produce, etc.? Or do I have to break it down into one 9 different transactions? Sorry if I have caused confusion. Thanks!

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