Kroger Discontinuing Double and Triple Coupons {Midwest Region} BREAKING NEWS!

BREAKING NEWS – Kroger (NKY/Cincinnati/Dayton Division) has decided to discontinue the use of double and triple coupons in more areas of the country, effective March 1st. There are 118 stores that will be seeing this change.

All coupons will be face value after March 1st.

Having been through this myself and trying to get over the initial shock is really hard. You feel betrayed, let down, and frustrated that your store is not listening to you or just doesn’t care. I think everyone has seen this coming and knew at some point they would stop doubling and tripling in all regions.

Kroger claims the the prices in these areas will drop, we will see I guess. Houston has some of the lowest grocery prices in the country to start with. But each week I do notice we are cheaper than most areas that have double and triple coupons, so there is a possibility that they will make good on the lower prices. Stores have to make up the cost they take on with the doubles and triples, if you are not a couponer, you basically pay the coupon difference.

There are still great deals to be had at Kroger. I know it is heartbreaking, and will probably take some time to even want to shop there again. I still look at $.35 coupons and triple them in my head, then remind myself they are face value. You have until March 1st. I would use up all those $.50 and under coupons while you can.


  1. Cynthia says

    I am in Indiana and they just took away triple coupons the first of Jan. I hope they don’t take away doubling too—-

  2. Marie says

    OMG!!!! I really worried that this day would eventually come. Now I will need to retrain the brain. I always, always see .50 as $1 and .75 as $1.50. Wow, this is going to take time to adjust. If Meijer stops doubling and Target quits stacking I don’t know what I will do. Also, sorry about your phone!

  3. Stacie says

    At least more people will feel our pain we have felt for the last year. I always feel it should’ve been straight across the board for everyone from the beginning.

  4. Tammy F. says

    our prices here (Southern IL) are pretty expensive and walmart has issues and will not take my printed coupons because they will not scan unless they use the handheld and they refuse to use handheld one.

    • Brandi k says

      Ask for a manager to come scan the coupons since they don’t want to do their job. They will start scanning them just so they don’t get the complaint against them. Or refuse to pay or leave until they do their job. The manager will have to come to the register even just to cancel the order. That’s what they get paid for.

  5. Sandra says

    When the Houston area Kroger stores discontinuing doubling/tripling coupons, it took me a long time to stop feeling betrayed. The gas discount didn’t make up for not getting at least double face value. I eventually got used to it, but did most of my grocery shopping at Super Target and rarely went into a Kroger. I know if Target stops stacking I will probably start crying :)

  6. Anne says

    I live in West Virginia and our Krogers has never tripled coupons. They only double coupons up to .50 also. Do you know of any changes happening in my area?

  7. Kristin says

    I’m also in the same boat as other people who have always lived in an area that doesn’t double or triple. it is frustrating for us as i’m sure this is frustrating for you.

  8. tracie carter hans says

    this stinks! the only thing i miss about nj is always double coupons up to 99 cents! every store I shopped at

  9. says

    I live in Evans, Georgia (which is just outside of Augusta) and I promise you that if Kroger discontinues its double-couponing policy here, I will immediately start doing my grocery shopping at Bi-Lo, which doubles coupons of up to 60 cents. Kroger doubles coupons only up to 50 cents.

    Incidentally, in this region Kroger has not offered triple coupons in the sixteen years I’ve lived here, although many years ago Kroger would occasionally double coupons of up to one dollar, which was pretty sweet.


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