Kroger: Bring Back The Old Policy!

Coupons Changing Big in Houston:

I should be starting on the Kroger matchups for tomorrow, but I just don’t have the heart to do it.

PLEASE write Kroger and let them know what you think about the changes in the policy. Next, they have to know that the 7% (allegedly) that use coupons in Houston are customers that deserve a program that makes them loyal to Kroger.

I feel like I broke up with my boyfriend.

1-800-576-4377 Kroger National Customer Service

Kroger District Office – Southwest Marketing Area
Bill Breetz, President
19245 David Memorial Drive
Shenandoah, Texas 77385


  1. Bertha says

    I know exactly how you feel. I do so much of my couponing at Kroger. I just dont think the new coupon policy will be good for stockpiling.

  2. Julia says

    You did a great job Tiffany! Thanks for speaking out! I’ve posted on facebook and emailed the contact us. I will print up a letter and probably make some calls! Thanks for all you do! Too bad we don’t live in Utah where we could shop at Walmart on Tuesday and get double coupons :)

  3. Julia says

    My letter to Kroger is ready to be mailed in the morning. Tell me how I can help start that campaign for Walmart, I’m all for shopping there if we can get a better deal there!

  4. Tracy says

    Great interview on the news! I am in Ohio, and am convinced this is going to spread nationwide. Thumbs down for Kroger, now I’ll be heading to Meijer which has a customer friendly coupon policy. Let’s hope some feedback from customers will change their mind.

  5. Rebecca says

    You did a great job on fox. My thought maybe we should all just forget about Kroger (as hard as it is) and start making calls to Walmart and get them to double coupons here in Texas. It sounds like they double in alot of other states.

  6. Marcy says

    Awesome! I am so glad you did that! Hopefully Kroger will do something. I hope that couponers remove business from stores until they give us what we want. Until then I will price match everything at Kroger at Wal Mart.

  7. Danielle says

    Very good job and so glad you helped get this out in the news. I hope Kroger gets a lot of complaints because this new system really will turn customers away to competitors. They have NOTHING left to make people choose them over someone else! Thanks for all you do to educate us!

  8. Sarah says

    Do we know anything yet about this new program they speak of? Perhaps it will be really great??? Maybe that’s wishful thinking…

  9. Jena says

    They have been irritating me lately with their 4 like coupons per transaction, and several of the cashiers are enforcing the no doubling up paper coupons with e-coupons. Just one more reason for me to look elsewhere.

  10. Nadia B says

    First, I want to thank you for all that you do. Did Kroger’s not give you a heads up of their coupon policy I was under the impression when I attended a coupon class with you there that they were all for couponers? I have a thought. Not too long ago hip2save did a thing where we got to choose which store we (couponers) disliked shopping at. Walmart was the place that everyone disliked shopping at. She made a template and asked all of her readers to cut and paste the template or write their own letting Walmart know why we as couponers disliked shopping there so corporate got flooded with emails. It seems like it has worked because they are the ones that are now changing their coupon policy. May all the coupon bloggers in Houston can all encourage their readers to do the same thing and it may make a difference. We never know.

    • Tiffany says

      Yes they are for couponers, or so they say…. I don’t know what to believe from them. I can write up a post you can cut and paste that is a good idea!

  11. Jen says

    I sent an email yesterday and today I got this reply:
    ” Dear Ms. Jensen:
    Thank you for contacting The Kroger Co. regarding the discontinuing of the double coupons. Unfortunately this is in fact the case for the Houston stores. I have passed your comments and concerns along to our division office for further review, and should you need any further assistance please let me know. Thank you again. Sincerely,
    Amber Sublett
    Consumer Affairs”

      • Renee says

        I also wrote to Kroger a few days ago and got an automated response that they had received my email and would respond. However, no response at all from them yet. :(

  12. says

    You did a great job! I’m in the DFW area, so it is not affecting us YET, but I’m wondering what their “new” program will be… Hopefully you can keep us posted, and let us know if you like it or not so we can continue sending letters and making phone calls!

  13. Wendy says

    I wrote Kroger an email a few days ago and received a reply today. It was very, very short. It was only a confirmation that they had changed their policy and did not address how upset I was at all. Boo-you, Kroger.

  14. says

    I am going to go cry in the corner this morning! Ok, not really but I won’t be shopping at Kroger anymore. This is just going to make me put more time into our budget and more shopping at walmart and I don’t like doing either of those. But I don’t really have a choice now. Sigh…You did great on the news BTW!

  15. Heather says

    Tiffany – I am saying the same thing but you did an awesome job. This is outrageous and I REALLY am hoping that they feel the pain and notice a drop in business with this new policy. I received the same short email that a few above did … and also posted on Facebook. I am all about joining a campaign to get this to change. Bring on Randalls, Walmart & HEB

  16. Sarah says

    It is a GIANT bummer. But, maybe we shouldn’t all jump the gun in getting mad about it before we find out what the new savings program is like. Maybe it will be lame, but who knows?

  17. Chery says

    Well, here is more bad news people. I ask my husband to ask a manager in Randall’s if they plan on doing this as well. They said yes, they are going to stop the double and tripling too. They said the money they lose on coupons could pay for 3 people’s salary. Wow! I guess so many poeple really started catching on to this coupon deal and it’s getting too overwhelming for the stores. Bummer for us!!

  18. Paige says

    Well, no more Kroger for me! I’m going to Wal Mart. Kroger hassled me last night about my coupons. When a coupon wouldn’t scan, they asked, “Are you SURE you bought that?” I told them what I bought and they were still suspicious, so I offered to get it out of my cart and show them. Then they were rude! Whatever!

  19. Rachel K says

    I think you did an excellent job! It sounded serious without being too complaining or sounding like you are angry! Great composure! :) I saw a commercial for ABC 13(I live in the Houston area) for a news piece they are going to do about Kroger too!

  20. Talum says

    Today I sent an email to Kroger’s. I have a family of 7 and we depend on the coupons to help decrease the cost of groceries each month. I have been couponing for almost a year and I have had a great amount of savings throughout this time.

  21. Dee says

    The thing about statistics is that the 7% usage is probably accurate, but it doesn’t tell you if it is say up from 3-4% in years prior. Considering that the profit margin across the board for grocery stores is only 1-2% it can be rather costly (CNBC documentary on grocery stores). I’m sure at this point they’ve analyzed the data from their regions that don’t double enough to know that they’ll probably profit once the couponers stop shopping for free stuff at their stores.
    Sad, but probably true.

  22. Ginger Fray says

    I do feel like Kroger was boyfriend as well. I love…loved… shopping there as it might be past tense. I am serious about this. I am not great couponer but a pretty good one and now my love affair is over. How sad. They will lose $700 not including fuel from me a month.

  23. Rebecca says

    I just got off the telephone with Kroger I called the 713-507 # and was transfered to the main office. The young lady I talked to was very nice and read to me what she had just gotten the memo stated they are going to stop the double and triple coupons in Greater Houston. They will now take Ecoupons and 1 paper coupon together. we may return to the double and triple coupon program in the future. The young lady I talked to told me to tell people to keep calling and maybe we can change this. So call call call….

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