Kroger: 3 Day Chicken sale for $.49

Check out your Kroger and see if they are running a 7 day sale on meat. If they are, there are some good deals to be had!

Also, Shawn let me know that chicken is on sale, a 3-Day sale, starting FRIDAY for $.49 a pound when you make a $10 purchase.


  1. says

    by any chance do you know if that 49 cent chicken deal is just in your area, or if it would be up here in dallas too? ive been waiting for a great deal on chicken so i could can some for food storage! that would be a great price!! thanks!

  2. april says

    Is that something we should as our local store about or just watch for signs at the store itself on friday?

  3. L.J.Griffin says

    NC has the deal and it is leg/thigh quarters. The chicken was packaged in 10lb. bags and were $4.90 each. I purchased 40 lbs of chicken.

  4. Kelli says

    My Kroger had whole chickens last weekend(Fri,Sat,Sun) for .49 a lb. It was Pilgrim’s chicken. Hope sale is this weekend, too.

  5. Beth in OH says

    I’ll have to check one of my Kroger’s out today, that would be awesome to get chicken for .49 per pound!

  6. Penny says

    I just called the Kroger on 2920 and Kuykendahl and said the chicken was .49cents last weekend and not today. Which Kroger are you getting it at for .49cents? Thanks

  7. Penny says

    Thanks Tiffany, I am learning that I need to just go in and browse while the events are taking place….you and Paul are a tremendous help and have saved us lots. Any tip is a great one. Keep up the great work and thanks again.

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