HEB: Get FREE Meat – Use your catalinas!

Katie S. is a ROCK STAR and sent me pictures of what you should be looking for at HEB to get your free meat. I didn’t do a great job of explaining it yesterday because I had not done the deal myself and wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for! I went to my HEB last night and didn’t see it, but with Katies picture I know I was looking for the wrong thing now!

You are looking for a Combo Loco coupon – Buy HCF Fresh Young Thin Sliced Boneless Skinless Breasts Get Beef for Stir Fry FREE.

That is exactly what my packages of chicken say but they come up on the receipt as chicken milanesa (same thing as thin sliced chicken). It was $3.99/lb. at my store and they had lots of packages under $3.

The coupon will take $6 off each package you get, no matter the price on the package. Depending on your cashier you will either get it free or free + overage.

From Katies receipt you can see she bought at least 4 packages of meat, plus a bunch of other stuff to get her total OVER $30. Then she used the HEB instore coupons AND finally they $10 off $30 P&G catalina from last week. Her total was under $8!! 

Buy HCF Chicken Milanesa (around $2.50) 
Get HCF Beef Stir Fry FREE (up to $5.98) $6 off HEB coupon!
Buy Snyders Pretzels $2.28 
Get HEB Pretzels free “B” Coupon
* Tip buy a bunch of the meat! Enough to get you to $30!
Use $10 P&G catalina!
Total: Varies!

* You are not getting a new catalina. I am just reminding you to use your $10 catalina from last weeks makeup P&G deal if you got it. It is a $10 off a $30 purchase coupon. If you don’t have the $10 catalina you can STILL DO THIS DEAL! 

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  1. Barbara C says

    My HEB was out of the beef for stir fry, so I tore off 4 of the yellow coupons & got a rain check for 10-2. Tiffany Thank You & Paul for all your help & deals for saving us Money!!!! I enjoyed meeting you at your coupon class last week. I have saved so much since I heard you on Channel 13 in May of 2011. I thought I knew a lot about coupouning until I heard you. Thank You so very much. I am very grateful. God Bless You Both

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