Black Friday Giveaway Extravaganza!

I am so EXCITED to kick off this Holiday season by offering some HUGE giveaway’s with some AWESOME bloggers!

I wanted to giveaway something for YOU. As the one who does all the shopping for everyone else! IF you do not need any HIGH – END hair supplies this is a chance to “re-gift” to someone that does!

I am giving away $675 retail of NuMe high end hair products, including an ION hair dryer, flat iron and hair supplies! All you have to do is leave a comment letting us know if your hair styles better in HUMIDITY or NOT! Ummm, big fat “NO” here!

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Good Luck!


  1. Carina says

    I didn’t know about humidity until I moved to the South and now I wear my hair up most of the time because I hate the frizz! I am not really curly but not straight either, so frustrating!

  2. Courtney says

    My hair is TERRIBLE in the humidity and living in South Carolina it is pretty much a lost cause in the summer time!

  3. Kelsey B. says

    Humidity turns my hair into a frizzy mess! I would absolutely love these ION products! Here’s to hoping that Christmas comes early for me!

  4. Ana says

    The mix of my curly hair and humidity results in a big Afro. Need a lot of gel to bring it it down to normal looking hair

  5. Amber says

    I absolutely love your site! I check it every morning (right after Facebook, lol) to see what good deals there are to grab. When I just saw this post, I almost fainted! I would LOVE to have those hair products, since I am a chronic sufferer of the “mom ponytail.” My hair is partially curly, so Texas weather just kills it… it’d be great to see if a nice straightener and product could make it stay straight.

  6. Jana Blackstock says

    I live in Texas and i cant ever get my hair to stay styled. However, whenever i have traveled out of state to places like California (where there is no humidity) i can get my curls to stay locked in all day. My hair is better NOT in hummidity!

  7. Texasboymom says

    Humidity? No thanks!!! My hair (and the rest of me too) hates humidity. However, I live in Houston, I’m doomed.

  8. Christy Bouton says

    Is this where you enter the giveaway for the hair products? If so, I would like to enter, No HUMIDITY for me!

  9. Sunnydays says

    Tiffany, Woo Hoo! What a great giveaway! That would be a big fat No on humidity hair here also. Another fellow Texan, I hear ya girl! And LOVED watching your ELF video btw. Cutie Patooties!

  10. Jehmie Durham says

    My hair styles better in NOT! haha, I can’t do anything with it in humidity. Hope to win, thanks for the opp. :)

  11. Rebekah says

    What a cool givaway! Is there a such thing as hair that styles at ALL in humidity? Mine sure doesn’t and I could totally use a new, GOOD flat iron. Thanks for all you and Paul do!

  12. Stephanie says

    I could really use those products as I never have a good hair day with or without humidity. Then again I live in The Woodlands there is always humidity. LOL

  13. Rachel says

    A big fat “no” here for humidity hair as well! I always say my hair will look decent from October-April. Summer comes and it gets put up!

  14. Heather says

    My hair is no good when it’s humid, which is just about all of the time. But it’s supposed to be good for our skin, so I can live with it :)

  15. LynchburgBeth says

    Humidity?! Hahahahaha! Two things that are impossible in humidity- making meringue and styling my hair! Pick me!

  16. Melissa M says

    Humidty NOT. I have bone straight hair and when this crazy Texas humidity hits my hair is frizzy as all get out. Thank you for all the help your site has given me. And ur hubby’s! They are awesome. This would be awesome if I won it. No more sharing with my daughter. Lol

  17. Kara says

    :( BOOOO Humity!!! I spend way to long trying to straighten hair that just curls and frizz up when I walk outside. Want these great hair products!!!

  18. Whitney says

    My hair is fine in either but my daughter’s hair is a different story! She has been asking for a flat iron for Christmas….so pony tails will not be a daily thing…and long beautiful hair down will be more than on Sundays at church! She would love this!!!

  19. Paula B says

    I would love to win this for my 13 year old daughter. She has been asking me for months now to buy her a better flat iron. She has a really cheap one from the dollar store that doesn’t work very well. Her hair gets the frizzies when it is the least bit humid!

  20. Teresa says

    My hair does not do well in humidity at all, does so much better in the cold and the rain. Trouble is I love hot weather!!!

  21. David Knight says

    my hair is better in no humidity i think..i would like this prize for my wife! and i also already like you on facebook!

  22. Michelle says

    Humidity never seems to help the way they say it does :-(. I try my best with no success! At least it’s not over dry :-). Thanks for all your tips!

  23. Dani says

    My hair is curly but can be flat ironed. If it’s really humid or raining I let it curl with mousse. If it’s not then I flat iron it :) So I use all sorts of products!

  24. Maureen Shaw says

    I have straight (and I mean really straight!) hair which turns into a giant static ball on high humidity days!

  25. Angela says

    Humidity in NO Way is a good thing when it comes to my hair! I absolutely lothe standing in the bathroom for so long, just to have my hair end up frizzed out in a matter of minutes, no fun! Maybe this is way I find myself pulling my hair up so often, boring!

  26. Katie L says

    I have to have at least some humidity. I just moved to Utah from Oregon and my hair is so static-y from the dryness here, I don’t like it at all! lol

  27. Robyn says

    mine actually does better in the humidity. just moved from TX to ID and my hair has never been so rough, dry and knotted…:(

  28. Melanie says

    Well not that I get to try this out often since it is always humid here, mine is definitely better with less humidity.

  29. Eli says

    I live in Florida and sometimes the humidity is awful. Could you imagine spending an hour straightening and styling your hair. Then, in a few hours my head is a giant frizzy bomb. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Shawn says

    Love the giveaway! Hate my hair in the humidity! The older I get curlier and more unruly it becomes, then add in humidity! Yikes!

  31. Debra says

    I don’t get to buy high-end hair products anymore since becoming a stay at home Mom and needless to say it shows. Oh well at least I am doing what I love best. My hair hates the Texas humidity. I look like one big frizz ball or should I say fuzz ball. Lol.

  32. Erin says

    haha Funny question – my hair is definitely better with no humidity and I live in the south so that is a pretty hard thing to not have! Thanks for this chance.

  33. Tatiana says

    Hair does fine in humidity, face not so much. I guess you can’t have both. I already like you on facebook and get your emails.

  34. Deandra says

    If I have the right products then my hair isnt so bad in humidity, otherwise, it is a nightmare. I watch for you daily on Facebook and your emails =]

  35. Jessica says

    My hair is naturally curly so a little humidity makes it really curly, too much humidity makes it SUPER frizzy… bad…

    liked on FB and signed up for emails as well!! Thanks!

  36. Deanna says

    My hair hates the Houston Humidity! I wear my hair in a ponytail everyday, even the two year-olds that I work with are getting tired of my hairstyle! Thank goodness I’m moving back to Missouri! :) Thanks for the opportunity to try to win this stuff – love your site and class!

  37. jade robinson says

    I have naturally curly hair and the humidity is the worse to my hair straight or curly. My daughter is the same way and this would be the greatest gift for her. i liked you on FB and also signed up for your newletter.

  38. Jackie says

    Who really likes humidity? I don’t, and my hair certainly doesn’t! Now that I live in east Texas (hour north of Houston), my hair is pretty pissed at me, especially since I lived in Michigan before. A good flat iron is a must for us!

  39. Susanne says

    You know, surprisingly my hair was very nice and full in Hawaii ten years back when my husband and I won a trip. I’ve always lived in a dry climate, and I was surprised how well my hair did in humidity. Go figure!

  40. heather says

    i would love to have the high end stuff as another had posted we stay at home moms dont get to splurge much on our selves this would be also. i hate humidity its drives me and my hair nuts! GOOD LUCK EVERY ONE!

  41. Deanna says

    I already like your facebook page! I can’t wait for my newsletter emails to start rolling in! This is officially my new favorite time of year!

  42. elidia lofton says

    My hair would probably freak out with good equipment. My girls have “borrowed” my hairstyle equipment. As far as humidity- itks Houston right! Love your site! You have taught me to save a lot of money! Kudos and I hope ya’ll have a good thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!

  43. Melanie Grekstas says

    Well, I’m not really sure how anyone’s hair is better in the humidity!? My hair definitely gets frizzy and the natural curl, that my hair tries to have, shows up. I can not fix my hair with the curl for the life of me and I spend some days (b/c I mostly just pull my hair off my neck) using my “power tools” to make the curl disappear :)

  44. Victoria says

    Native Houstonian and wont trade it for the world but the darn humidity sure does a number on my curly hair pony tails it is on those days.

  45. VB says

    My hair is horrible in any climate/temperature but esp. humidity. I would love this since I already decided to purchase a NuMe flat iron as an xmas gift for my sister in law. But the more I read the comments about how great the comments are I want one for myself but I don’t want to be an indian giver !

  46. Tetan says

    My hair is curly and fine, so it is pretty much frizzy all the time. I’ve lived in the south and in the north. Can’t say I’ve noticed any difference. Maybe more frizz in humidity when I straighten it.

  47. cindy says

    For 34 years it did not matter what the weather was like. My hair was always straight. I lost all of my hair when undergoing cancer treatments. When it came back it was curly. What do you do with curly hair???? I am still learning how to deal with the curls, but humidity does not help.

  48. Heather says

    Humidity or not my hair is pure frizz. And on top of that my daughters were using my blow dryer and it stopped working (it was only about 12 years old). :)

  49. Crystal says

    I’m already on your mailing list but i know for sure my hair sucks in humidity..i’m a major frizzball in the summer so i usually just wear it pulled up!


    My Mexican hair totally poofs in humid climate here in California, LOL!!
    Oh, and I already subscribe to your daily newsletter aaaand I just “like”d you on Facebook!!!! 8-D

  51. Danielle M says

    Humidity and I are mortal enemies. Just a drop of moisture in the air and my hair curls (not in a pretty way) and frizzes. During the summer I have seriously thought of shaving my head!

  52. Jenna says

    Ugh. I hate humidity; my hair goes from a relatively manageable curly to frizzy, poofy shrubbery within minutes of setting foot out the door on a humid day!!

  53. Lisa M says

    I am one of the lucky few that does not have any issues with humidity… however my hair will all on its own become a frizz ball! ahhhhh

  54. Krystal T. says

    If there is humidity in the air, I will step out of the house and end up looking like chaka khan or diana ross. My hair does not do well with it.

  55. Heather D says

    I have really frizzy hair and half the time I just leave it pulled back in a pony tail beacuse I don’t have the right tools to do something with it.

  56. Laura G. says

    I my gosh you are awesome for giving this away!!! Humidity is not a real problem with my hair after I flat iron it. I am totally in need of some high quality hair products:)

  57. Karen says

    Humidity? P-lease! I don’t even know what an arid climate would be like! Try living on the South Texas coast! My frizzy hair has no chance against the stuff!

  58. Sara says

    I swear my mother had an affair with Bozo the Clown because I have this crazy curly hair that is horrendous in humidity….not much can tame this mess.

  59. says

    Oh the humidity does crazy things to my hair! And I live in the south where its humid ALL the time! This is why I need some nice hair tools to keep it under control!

  60. says

    My hair is wonderful in our regular humidity, but once it hits the 90th percent on humidity, yup, we just try not to venture to things I need a good hair day for! 😉

  61. Jenny D. says

    My hair is pretty difficult to style when humidity is high. Sometimes I find it easier to just let it air dry and put it up. :)

  62. christie Aguirre says

    OMG!!! I would soooooo love this prize! My 2
    teenage girls have taken over my hair products. Uhh my hair is definitely not humidity friendly. Is anyone ‘s. Dont answer that :)
    Pick me!

  63. Andrea says

    I am from Florida and humidity was a constant battle. But now that I live in Colorado, I have to battle the dryness, so I use products here as well.

  64. Carolyn says

    Frizz and Static here.. Gray hair that standsout like the electricity ball! I constantly shock myself when getting out of my husbands truck and walking in the office. A little control would be nice for CHRISTmas!
    Thanks for all you do, I have learned alot from your website & blog.

  65. Paula says

    Remember that Friends episode where they went to some caribbean island and Monica’s hair kept getting bigger and bigger in the humidity? That’s me. We even call it my “Monica hair.” I live in Texas so it’s not a good thing!!

  66. Jesse says

    Ha Ha! Humidity = bad! We’re in Houston, and my company is possibly relocating us – my daughters only concern is that it be somewhere with low humidity!

  67. Brooke M says

    I have board straight hair so it doesn’t really style, it won’t hold curls and the humidity in Texas sure doesn’t help!

  68. Nikki Eddy says

    Humidity? I laugh in the face of Humidity, hahahaha! I have thick course hair so any curl I try to put in falls flat in minutes with Texas Heat! Humidity always wins.

  69. Tasha says

    Let’s see… Humidity makes my hair goes frizzy and curly, so I’m going to say NO to the humidity. Please pick me for your sweet giveaway!

  70. Natalie horschel says

    Humidity does not help my thin straight hair… the only days it looks really good is when I come back from getting my hair done.. but this would make a perfect gift for my daughter she is going to school to become a hair dresser :)

  71. Nicole Cooper says

    I just signed up for email – but I check you and Paul’s site several times a day and have already purchased 3 Christmas gifts that you featured on your site!!
    Thanks for all the hard work that you both do to help the rest of us save money :)

  72. says

    I do not have wash and go hair. My hair is thick and I have to straighten it. I cannot tell you how many flat irons I have gone through. The chi is the brand I buy and we have not had good luck with them. We resorted to a cheaper brand and it takes me one hour to do my hair. Needless to say, I usually just give up and pin it up. My daughter and I would love to have this giveaway.
    I love your website and enjoy your stories. Had the pleasure of meeting you at the Richmond class. thanks for all the great tips!!

  73. Tina Arndt says

    I just “liked” ML on FB…and I just signed up for your emails!!! :) what a blessing this all is!!! :) Also…my hair is NOT a huge fan of Humidity…or maybe it’s me…LOL…but let’s just say…w/ naturally curly hair…it takes on a mind of it’s own once that humidity get’s ahold of it!!! 😉

  74. jennifer says

    It’s my 8 year old with the crazy hair. I wouldn’t say humidity makes it worse, I just don’t know how to take care of it.

  75. Hannah says

    My hair is definitely NOT better in Humidity !!! Once when we landed in New Orleans I could actually hear my hair fizzing as we stepped off the plane in the dead heat of the summer. By the time we gt our luggage my usually tame wavy hair was a messy friz ball :(

  76. LinhC says

    No, my hair is terrible in high humidity conditions. That’s why I’m getting it trimmed and thinned out before we visit New Orleans, where the humidity is so thick, the car ports are wet even if it’s not raining!

  77. Ann S says

    Living in the South, humidity is the worst for my hair.

    I’ve liked your FB page and have been receiving your newsletter for a while now.

  78. Crystal says

    To say the least I could use one of these although we don’t have humidity too bad at least I was born with a natural wave….lets go with boo on that.

  79. BRANDI says

    definatley a chia pet in this good ol Texas humidity!!!….I try any and all frizz free products….LOL. Thanks for the oppurtunity for the giveaway.

  80. NRich says

    As a Houstonian I deal with humidity more than I’d like to confess and of course my hair is a big ball of puffy frizz. But I’ll take it over snow, sleet & freezing rain.

  81. Angel says

    Paul sent me to win the tv. But, honestly, I would’ve liked this site eventually. You two do a great job of sharing where and how to find the deals. Thank you.

  82. Lindi says

    Humidity brings back the 1980’s size hair we are all trying so hard to forget. So “no” I do not like what the humidity does to my hair!!! Ha Ha!!

  83. Jennifer says

    Humidty…….ughhhh leaves my hair a hot frizzy mess. Since I live in Mi, my hair is in a ponytail most of the summer.

  84. melissa says

    it’s doesn’t really matter for my hair…it’s stick straight and i have to put A LOT of product in to get it to stay.

  85. Mary Daniels says

    UHH no natural curly course hair it doesn’t style unless my hair dresser does it. and even then it’s 50/50.

  86. Connie says

    I live in NC we do have humidity! It depends honestly. I have very dry hair, but it seems on the rainy humid days its the worst and there is nothing I can do to help it.

  87. Julie-Ann says

    Humidity is killer on my hair style. There is nothing like spending 10-45 minutes on my hair (depending on whether I straighten it or not) just to have it frizz out upon stepping out my front door. My hair never looked so good as when I visited Utah, ahhh that arid climate.

  88. rylynn says

    Humidity is public enemy number one. LOL.
    Big NO on that one. Unless of course looking
    like Einstein is my goal for the day.

  89. Jessica williams says

    My hair is not good in HUMIDITY it is curly and frizzy I have straighten it all the time this would help out alot I love your website you’re great.

  90. Lindsay Snodgrass says

    It doesn’t actually matter too much for my hair – it’s naturally curly and I like to also style is wavy, so it works pretty well for me unless I happen to straighten it!

  91. Lydia says

    I’ve lived in Houston, Texas all my life and i tell you the truth the humidity is a criminal assault on our hair. So as the Fall sets in the cool of the day, my hair takes a Great liking to this. So, my answer would be (no/not) to humidity. And by the way could I just say i Love your Site. Thank you,

  92. Gina says

    Humidity and my hair do not mix, so it is a big fat NO with humidity for me! These products would definitely come in handy to tame this mane! LOL. Thank you. :-)

  93. Cassie says

    my hair doesn’t style no matter what i do to it! It needs serious help. Thick, straight, dry ( regardless of the amt of conditioner i use). But if I have to pick, humidity is worse.

  94. Heidi L. says

    I have very thin hair, so it doesn’t style well period, without tons of help and the humidity always kills the style within an hour.

  95. Natalie says

    Wow, I have lived here my whole life and STILL haven’t figured out how to have a great hairstyle with the humidity!

  96. Tausha says

    Liked on FB and subscribed to newsletter.
    My hair does much better in non-humid weather. Though, its so straight and fine, styles are often shortlived.

  97. chris says

    Humidity makes my hair curly and crazy! unfortunately that leads to many days where it is just thrown up in a clip rather than batteling the elements:(

  98. Brandy Dutton says

    Living in Southeast Arkansas has done some major damage to my hair with all of the humidity we have.. its the middle of November and still 60% humidity, REALLY!!

  99. Amy G. says

    My hair is really short now, so don’t really have too bad of a time with any weather condition. But I used to hate the humidity. Unfortunately, my 3 daughters have been blessed/cursed with my hair and they have long hair. To add to their problems, my hair dryer and straightener are about 15 years old. I’d love to give my girls these prducts for Christmas.

  100. Melissa says

    Born and raised in Central FL – humidity is alive and well here 100% of the time! I’d love these hair products for my daughter and I!

  101. Kristina says

    I hate humidity!! My hair is wavy anyway, add humidity and I am in trouble hair wise.

    I had already liked and receive your newsletter.

    The link to enter the contest is not coming up for me!!!


  102. Katie says

    I had recess duty yesterday, and after 30 minutes outside in the super humid weather, I walked in an saw horror in the mirror. Why oh why did I even make the effort to do my hair!