SOLD OUT Coupon Binders Ready for Purchase! Get yours today!

Last year Paul and I were so sick of cheap coupon binders and replacing mine often, that we decided to design and have our own custom binders made.


We have changed manufacturers 3 times and finally found someone who can make them the way we want them RIGHT.

The coupon binders have 2 sets of rings that are 1 1/2 each.

There are 2 sets of offset rings, (so they don’t hit each other when it closes and makes the rings pop open) pockets on each side that are large and useful, and not small ones that nothing fits in!

They also each have a strap to hold the binder pages in and keep them from ruining the rings and flopping all over the place.

There is a large outside pocket for inserts, or coupon policies. It also has a carrying strap ( super important if you have little ones!).

Each binder has 4 pockets, plus space BEHIND the pocket inside.

The best part???

The zipper is INDUSTRIAL webbing. This zipper is not going to break, it isn’t going to pull apart! This is the last binder you will need. I was replacing my Case It binders 2x a year. I wanted something that wasn’t a waste of money!

Want to know what is REALLY cool?!  Made in the USA! Right here in Houston TX!

We have 4 different patterns for that large outside pocket. It has handles and a shoulder strap.

We have 5 colors in the first run of binders.

  • Day Lilies (red)
  • Tangerine (orange)
  • Mod Swirl (green)
  • Cream Damask (not shown)
  • White Damask

Binders are $40 and come with 20 insert pages and dividers. Shipping is $7.95.  Additional pages are available.

Purchase Includes: 

  • Your choice of Coupon Binder + Shoulder Strap
  • 20 pages 9 pocket HIGH QUALITY coupon pages (baseball card size)
  • 2 pages 3 pocket horizontal coupon pages
  • 8 page dividers
  • 4 page “Getting Started Couponing” handout
  • 2 page tips on “How to Organize Your Binder”


  1. Sonya West says

    Since I live in the area, I can I pick it up and not have it shipped? Or is it being shipped from the manufacturer?

  2. Laura Aguero says

    I bought one at the couponing conference and love it! The only thing is that sometimes the zipper is hard to start out zipping because it goes too far in, similar to how blue jean zippers do sometime. Totally happy with mine, would purchase it again!

  3. Whitney says

    I bought one at the conference as well and LOVE IT! I agree that the zipper goes too far in and sometimes is difficult to start zipping up, but I am figuring it out. Was ours supposed to come with all of the things listed here? Mine came with the baseball size coupon pages (baseball card size) but that was it. Should I have gotten dividers, etc? I LOVE IT and a lot of people ask about it. Thanks so much for working so hard to make it an amazing and sturdy product and also for having it made here in the USA! That is what really sold me over!

  4. Peggy Pyle says

    I won mine at the conference and love it ! I did not get dividers but it get the baseball card size pages. I had someone stop me the first day I was using it at the Kroger Mega Event to ask where I got it. It is so nice to have one that doesn’t pop open. :) This would be a nice Christmas gift for a friend.

  5. Holley Richardson says

    Can we get a coupon for it??? LOL Ok Tiffany… you KNEW someone had to ask!!!
    Can’t wait to get mine… Need to wait till after the holidays too – with all these kids… I save every penny to spend on them!
    Oh and a REQUEST… Can you do one with a Teal & Purple design… Sorta my trademark color combo!!!

  6. Katrina Monville says

    Was wondering how big the rings are. 1″ 2″ etc… I did not see that mentioned anywhere. My binder broke a couple days ago and I am desperate for a new one.

  7. Brandy says

    Will the binders be available for purchase at the upcoming coupon classes? I would like to avoid paying shipping if at all possible :)

  8. Lisa says

    I Love the binder I received-Thank-You! I had my eye on this for awhile and had to wait until now. I wasn’t sure how to thank you for the awesome design and functional binder. (I hope you get this message!) The extra ‘bonus’ included was so thoughtful and made me smile even bigger! Thank-You so much! Is there a way that other readers are sure not to miss this great product? Thanks Again! :)

    • Tiffany says

      I am so glad that you like it! Hopefully it will last you a long time and doesn’t have to be replaced like other ones!

  9. Miss Vicki says

    I bought one at the couponing conference in the Woodlands and love it. The only problem I have is with the zipper . . . the darned thing will not allow me to zip up once it get to a certain point. I don’t have my binder “fully loaded” .. . think it is zipper thing so I try to make sure it does not zip down too far or I can’t get the thing to close. But the size of the binder is perfect to fit in the child seat of a grocery cart. That is lovely . . .

  10. Randyll says

    I’m trying to purchase one of these for my fiance, she’s had her eye on this for a while now but when I try to check out it gets the binder with the 20 extra pages right but it won’t allow me to switch the design. She’s in love with the tangerine but it keeps putting me at the default White Damask. Are the others out of stock or is there any way to change the design at checkout that I’m not aware of? Thank you!

  11. Brenda Reeks says

    I ordered and paid for one of these binders on March 5th, 2013. I have not received any confirmation emails, other than through paypal. As far as I know my binder has not shipped. Is there anyway to know what is going on?

    • Stacey Johnson says

      Brenda – Did you ever hear back from anyone? I ordered one last week and haven’t gotten anything either. Just getting a little concerned.

    • Tiffany says

      Brenda, yours got completely missed! I am sooo sorry! It was right in between 2 orders and was overlooked. I can make sure it gets out tomorrow, or I can refund your money? Whatever you want to do. I will email you…

  12. Stacey Johnson says

    I ordered and paid for a binder on March 14th and never received a confirmation of the order. Could you please let me know what day it was shipped and when I could expect to receive it? Thanks.

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Stacey, that was on a Thursday and they didn’t go out over the weekend. Normally, they would go out on Friday’s and Wednesday’s but it was spring break and it got crazy with everyone home. They pick them up on Wednesday’s and yours is right here ready to go!

      • Stacey Johnson says

        Tiffany, Thanks so much for keeping me in the loop. Can you tell that I’m just extremely egar to get my binder. =) I know that it will help with my organization at the registar. So far, its been a hot mess when I go to checkout and have all of my coupons. Can’t wait to get the binder. Thanks so much!!

          • Stacey Johnson says

            Tiffany – Can you please email me the tracking number for this binder. I still have not received it and ordered it on March 14th. If I don’t receive it by the end of this week, I’d like a refund.

          • Tiffany says

            Hi Stacey, I sent you an email, I don’t want to leave tracking info in a comment for privacy reasons. Also, you should have gotten an email with it from Paypal, just for future purchases you might make with PayPal for anything, sometimes it goes to Spam, I am not sure why. The tracking says out for delivery. Just let me know if you don’t get it today. Seems like it sat for a while out of state for some reason.

  13. Casa de Cota says

    How long before I can expect to receive my binder? If its anything more than 4-6 weeks I would like to cancel my order and receive a refund. Thank you

    • Tiffany says

      Hi! It looks like you ordered your binder on the 3rd? Binders go out on Wednesday and Friday, so it goes out this afternoon.

      • Anonymous says

        Thank you so much for the response! I couldn’t find anywhere online where it stated how long it would take. I’m so excited to get it!

        Have a great weekend!


  14. Brenda Barragan says

    I Purchased my binder over a few months ago and I Love it … its durable and gorgeous .. Thank You ..
    Will you still continue to sell the binders for some time or should I buy my back up now just to be on the safe side ?

    Brenda Barragan
    Riverside California

    • Tiffany says

      Awesome I am so glad!!

      I really hope that it lasts you for some time. We didn’t want them to have to be replaced often like those “other” binders! LOL! We should be around…

  15. Faith says

    Since I am beginning to take couponing to a more serious level, I’ve been searching high and low for a nice looking yet durable coupon binder. While looking at several online, I ran across your product. Even though the description sounds great and it looks appealing, it really is a shame that additional views of the couponing binder in addition to the different colors are not shown. ;-(

  16. Ashley says

    I wish you had it in pink lol I cant find a pink one anywhere that i like, but i love the layout of this binder.

  17. ashleigh says

    Hi I’m trying to order a binder in the red day lily. But it’s not letting me buy it. It won’t let me select the print I want or pages or anything

  18. ashleigh says

    Would you ever consider selling your binder without all the extra stuff inside? I’m so ocd about all the coupon holding pages to be the same lol I can’t wait for the day lilly to come in. I sent this page to all my friendsand they loooove these binders

  19. ashleigh says

    Thank you for your fast replies! !! I’ve been searching for other pictures or even someone who made a video about it lol I’m surprised no-one has made a YouTube video on this! I’ll have to when I get mine :) do you know when they will be In stock

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Eric, we have special ordered one for her already, it will be about 2 more weeks before it is in though. I will let you know when we have one.

  20. ashleigh says

    hi tiffany! would I be able to send you a paypal payment now so when my binder comes in you can just send it out? im looking for just the binder nothing else. lol I feel like ive been waiting for months! lol my kitchen is full of coupons and inserts and im just ready to organize! I really wish I could of bought it when you had them in stock but im so thankful you ordered one for me! I am hoping itll be worth the wait! although I think youll make it special :) if you could just email me back and if you send me an invoice (to the email I wrote here) that’s my paypal and I can send a payment right now. thank you sooooo much! I wish 1 day shipping wasn’t so expensive or that you weren’t so far from fort hood! I love this and am sooo eager to get mine :(

  21. ashleigh says

    hi tiffany I haven’t heard back from you. just wanted to let you know we went ahead and got other binders, if you get these in anytime soon please let us know. a few of us still want them so we bought a cheaper binder to just hold us over until these come, don’t wanna keep buggin you lol.

      • Ashleigh says

        Awe dang ok I thought you guys had special ordered a red one for me :( will you have the cream damask? There’s 4 or 5 of us whod like it.

        • Tiffany says

          We tried to, but they can’t get the fabric in. There is a chance they wont because it was last years fabric and the colors and patterns have changed.

          • Ashleigh says

            Well I am truly grateful you tried to offer me the red I grately appreciate it. Will you be posting when you get new binders in? I know you said approximately two more weeks a while ago. Do you foresee a possible date? Or could you email me when they come in? You’d be very surprised to find out that (not really) just how amazing this is. Your binders.I have been sharing with everyone and there’s over 500 couponers who live ON post here who are loving these as much as I am. I just don’t want to miss my chance again on these! I hope you can understand!

          • Tiffany says

            I totally do! We are just going to have to change out colors for the new season.

            This is what we have that can go out today:

            Solid Black
            Mod Swirl (Green)

            Personally I have tangerine, and love it, but I love orange. The Mod Swirl is our most popular. Paul is double checking on a damask but I really think they are all gone.

  22. Ashleigh says

    It won’t let me respond to your last reply but yes. Please let me know if you have the damask. :) and thank you forunderstanding. I’m so sick of cheap poorly made ugly binders! If Paul cannot find a damask when do you foresee the new ones comming In? They are all going to sell out soooooo fast lol

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