Name a roach after your sweetie! Happy Valentines Day!

Flowers wilt. Chocolates melt. Roaches are forever.

Well, just because that is the kinda gal that I am, and along with sugar ants we have roaches the size of small dogs here in Houston, how about this SUPER romantic Valentines gift! **My kids would REALLY dig this!

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.28.11 AM

Name a roach after your sweetie for Valentines Day! You heard me right, not only can you name one of 58,000 Madagascar hissing roaches in the Boston Zoo, but you can PAY $10 for the privilege of doing so! Go HERE for more info!

Your $10 donation helps WCS conserve species big and small, beautiful and damned. With your support, we’ll continue to do our work saving wildlife in the forests of Madagascar and throughout the world’s most majestic wild places.


  1. Lindsay C says

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I hate roaches. They are the devil reincarnate AND I live in Texas too. I will deal with a snake before I go after a roach. Especially those flying, nasty things! lol When my daughter was a baby I would kill anything that got into the house, but those roaches took so much of my energy to get. Once I killed it I had to put something heavy on top of it and wait for the hubby to come home to throw it away… i’m such a wuss lol

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