Haircutting Cape and Scissor set – about $10 shipped!

Obviously I am on a haircutting kick today! I want you to think about giving your kids and family members haircuts. You don’t need to jump in and start giving flat tops, and high and tights, but you can make a haircut “stretch” a little by trimming bangs and around the ears to make a haircut last longer.

* You can see my other haircutting post below!

I figure I save $800 – $1000 a year by cutting my families hair. That is at $25 a hair cut and only counting the girls 2x a year.

I made a few video tutorials on how I cut my kids hair. If you are new here, I was a hairstylist before kids :)

Amazon has a really good deal on a haircutting cape and a set of 2 scissors. These are so inexpensive that I am a little scared…. but they cost less than a haircut together, so I am willing to take a chance!

You can pick up a haircutting cape for $4.88 + Free shipping.

  • This cape is made of soft, lightweight, water-repellent and durable material, keeps your clothes dry and clean.
  • Professional Hair Cutting Hairdressing Gown Barbers Caps. Easy to clean and dry quickly!
  • Can be adjusted to fit the necks of no matter little kids or adults! The Velcro neck closure makes it suitable for any size.
  • Perfect for hair cutting, coloring and perming.If you are a salon owner, hairstylist or just hair cut at home, that’s the one you need!
  • Size: 150*125cm. Color: black.

PLus there is also a set of cutting & thinning shears for only $6.88 with free shipping. This is really, really cheap for haircutting scissors. To give you an idea, my set was $480 when I got them, granted I was working in a salon and needed a good pair. These might be pretty cheap, but should get you through a bunch of haircuts.

  • Material: stainless steel for fore part, zinc alloy plating for grip part .
  • Length: 6 inch.
  • Package included: 1 x Regular hair scissors 1 x Thinning scissors

The thinning shears are great for blending in layers of hair.


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