FREE Car Seat Canopy or $50 off a Delux 5-piece set.

I ran into my friend Julia ( hi Julia! ) in the store the other day and she had this very car seat cover. I was shocked at the quality, it was really very nice for a freebie!

From the same company that sends you the FREE baby Slings you can get a FREE CarSeat Canopy when you use coupon code: MYSAVINGS. They were $49.95, you need to pay the shipping which is $12.95.

If you don’t want the model shown you can get $50 off a bigger set which are on sale for $79.

Order your new canopy for free from Carseat Canopy or get $50 off The Whole Caboodle 5 piece set above shown. Go HERE to take a look!


  1. Hayley Lawrence says

    Tiffany, I have one of these for my son and we love it! It works great and I just paid the shipping for it.

  2. Chelsea says

    I just ordered one and my confirmation also provided me with this! Enjoy!

    Use Promo Code “MSSEVEN”
    on both websites below for 100%
    off the car seat canopy of your choice
    (a $49.95 value) AND 100% off the Udder Coverâ„¢
    brand nursing cover of your choice (a $34.95 value)-
    while supplies last!

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