Entertainment book 50% off + Free shipping and 30% cash back!

If you are thinking about a 2011 Entertainment book I have a good deal for you. The book is 50% off + you get free shipping for a limited time.

Also, if you use Shop At Home (you should if you don’t!) you can get 30% cash back when you buy the book. That is an additional $5.25, making the final cost of the book only $12.50.

This is what to do:

  • Go HERE to Shop at Home and login or sign up.
  • Type in “Entertainment Book” in the search.
  • If you don’t use Shop at Home go directly to the site HERE.
  • Order your book for 50% off and FREE shipping!

I keep this book in my car so that we have it all the time! Thank you to Trisha for the email!


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