Dairy Queen Customer Appreciation Day 1/2 Price Menu Items!

Take a look over HERE and see if your Dairy Queen is offering 1/2 price menu items today or on January 26th! Just enter your zip and check it out!

Sadly, mine is not :( But the one further north is. Wonder what the deal is??


  1. Christie says

    Maybe it’s locations that feel like they need to drum up business? There’s one almost 10 miles from me that’s participating on the 26th, but none of the nearby ones are.

  2. Mellodie says

    Our local DQ said that the franchise gives the locations the option to opt in or not. We have 2 here in Branson and one does it an the other chooses not to. Can you guess which has more business?? :)

  3. Shelley says

    We have 3 in Amarillo and none of them are participating either… sad day… sad day indeed… if it is customer appreciation day, you would think it would be all across the board.,, oh well

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