Cheap All You Magazine Subscription only $7!

Thanks to HK for the heads up on how to get a subscription to All You for the cheapest around!

This is what to do:

Go HERE to Eversave and login or create an account. You get $5 for doing this!

Then click on “Today’s Save” and you should see this:

Click “Buy Now” and if you have not bought anything before they will take the $5 off! So you are paying $7 for $26 worth of magazines!

Offer Expires Sep 30, 2011. Coupon Code available 2 days after purchase at 12:00:PM EST. May buy up to 5 Saves for family, friends, gifts or repeat purchases Use one coupon code per purchase Free shipping is included.

Then when you get your coupon code, go to Blue Dolphin and order All You magazine for $19.99 a year ( only costing you $7) plus you have $6 left over for another magazine!


      • Denise says

        Actually, it’s not available in my city of Austin, but I remembered you were from the Dallas area and I clicked on that and found it. Then I checked the other cities and almost all of them were the same deal, but a few others (Boston, Philly, etc.) were not offering this magazine deal.

        Also, I got the $5 first time buyer reward, but it said I wasn’t able to apply it to this purchase, and I had to use it on my next purchase. When I went under the My Save Rewards tab, it said that the $5 credit expires today. So I’m going to buy another magazine deal for my family members, and hopefully I’ll be able to use the $5 credit towards that.
        Thanks again for another great deal…I love magazines!

        • Tiffany says

          Good I am glad you found it! Sorry! I thought it was the same deal for everyone! They are being weird today, I was able to use my $5 on mine?? I have no idea why it wouldnt let you??

  1. Jane says

    Hi Tiffany…….I got the $5 (first time to regrister) off the $12 and my subscription to All You was $7 but you said that I could also buy another magazine for the balance that was left over and I can’t find the balance anywhere on my account. Do you know where I should look for the balance?
    Thank you Jane

  2. Tiffany says

    They are going to email you the coupon code in 2 days when the deal closes. When you have that, go to the blue dolphin co. and place your order for the All You magazine. When you do that your code will be for $26, if is going to cost $19.99 for the All You leaving $6.01 to apply to another magazine. Good Housekeeping I think is that much, so you might get it for free. When we get our codes in a few days I will post instructions! Email me if you have any ??

  3. Amber says

    Dang it! This Blue Dolphin website has debited my banking account $63.92! When I placed the order it didn’t take my gift certficiate code so I immediately canceled it. They still debited $31.96 from my account on 11-01 then $15.96, $8.00, $8.00 today. That’s a total of $63.92 from my account and I didn’t even order anything! I’m really upset! And that sucks because I was going to give those subscriptions as Christmas presents.


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