Easy Easter Bunny Hand Towel Craft – Under $1

EAster Bunny Hand Towel Craft

I can’t remember where I first saw these but it was years ago. At least 20 because I have been making them that long. I love them because they are cheap and the kids can make them. Non-crafty types, (me included) YOU can make these in under 23 seconds, thats the record!

Easter Bunny Craft

If I had all the supplies I usually give him some googly eyes, a little pompom nose and a little pompom tail. But I didn’t want to pull out the glue gun. I think he is cute as it!

Easter Bunny Craft 2

I stick a plastic egg in the little hole behind his ears, it is a perfect spot to hold something. I am using these as name sign for Easter dinner. I am putting everyones names on the eggs and putting a bunny by every plate.

They are cute and less than $1 each to make. Can you beat the 23 second record??

What traditions do you have for Easter?




  1. Jen says

    We call these “boo boo bunnies” I had them for my baby shower all over the tables. If you stick an ice cube in the place where the egg is, it is wonderful for little “boo boos!”
    Have a great Easter!

  2. Christie says

    I have made those for baby gifts with the re-usable ice cube as a Boo Boo Bunny – people love them …

  3. Denise says

    Our tradition (since I was a kid) takes some planning but there is still time, even now to do it. We make confetti eggs but we call them cascarones (in spanish, not sure if spelled it right). It is so easy especially when baking/cooking to punch small hole (dime size, use handle of fork) empty out the eggs (and use for whatever you had plans to use your eggs for) and rinse/save the shell. Then I get hole punches from the office (by emptying out everyone’s hole punch at their desks) and either break down and buy 1 bag of confetti or get the kids to cut a bunch of colored paper to mix/spruce up the white hole punched paper. Dye eggs when doing my boiled eggs for Easter. Fill them up and put colorful tissue paper over hole (w/glue). Kids (teenagers now) still love helping through the whole process.

  4. Heather c says

    Super cute!! I’m gonna use the pastel facial cloths from my dollar tree so my family members have an awesome gift- THANKS ????

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