Awesome Candy “Thank You” Card – Father’s Day Gift Idea

:: this is a great Father’s Day gift idea! ::

I wanted to show you the most AMAZING thank you card that I got the other day from the teachers at the school where I work! I have seen these done before for a baby shower but not a “thank you” card and it was really cool!

This is just another example of the creativity of the ladies that I work with. They are truly amazing women and go above and beyond everyday in their classrooms. You are not a pre-school teacher for the money :) This is a calling for these Women, and they do it 110%, often taking their work home with them. They worry about the kids in their classes, pray for them, and love them. It is such a privilege for  me to be able to work with them!

This is what the card says: {everything in BOLD is a candy bar!}

We wanted to show our appreciation by giving you 100 Grand, but the money slipped through our Butterfingers. It was not Pay Day so we could not give you a shopping Spree in New York. We thought about an Orbit around the Milky Way but that would cost Extra. So just Take 5 and enjoy your card! We hope it doesn’t make you Rolo ver and get Chunky it it does. We promise not to Snicker!

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  1. Samantha says

    <3 this idea!! I used to do something similar for Birthday cards when I was a kid.

    Walgreens have most of these cany bars on sale this week for 49cents each I probably already have all the gum and the poster boards are less then $1 so I could make these for less than $7 ea can't beat that for a cute & fun Teachers gift :)

  2. Vanessa says

    we did on too, but not as much candy.

    Dear Sugar Daddy,
    Thank you so much for taking care of us and being such a LIFESAVER. Mom loves you and thinks your a HOT TAMALES. We wanted to give you a 100,000 GRAND, but instead we made you this card.
    love your GOOBERS

  3. akshita says

    Hey..its just awesome..!!
    I want to use the same idea for my dad’s birthday too. Can you please help me in making sentences, as the chocolates which we get here in India are a bit different.
    I would be very thankful to you.


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