A Batman Birthday Party for kids and my Batman Party Favors!

batman party favors kids party

This past week we had a Batman themed birthday party for my 5 year old, complete with Batman party favors and Batman flashlights!

I will admit it was almost 3 months PAST his actual birthday… We just never had a weekend that would work. Funny thing is he is off from school on Monday’s and so are all his buddy’s. It just took me 3 months to realize Monday morning was the PERFECT time for a party!

kids party favor snack ideas

Since we were having the party close to lunch, but not serving lunch, I wanted to give the kids a bigger snack, and not too much sugar. Well, that was the plan anyway!

I found these really cute little baskets 2/$1 at Dollar tree and thought they would be a great take home gift and also hold the snacks for the kids.

I filled each basket with a drink box, snack bag of Oreos, Cheetos, ring pop, Cutie, and my son’s favorite little beef jerky stick! :)

kids batman party favors, batman flashlight

My son is obsessed with Batman. We tell Batman stories in the dark at night and my sister suggested having the kids make Batman flashlight that sent out the Bat signal… sounded like an awesome idea, but I could not figure out a way to pull it off in the time I had.

Instead at the $.99 Cent Store, I found black and yellow flashlights that would perfectly for me to make them ahead of time. I looked and looked for the Batman logo in stickers EVERYWHERE and could not find any. The night before I was freaking out a little and decided to just print off the logo from the computer onto sticky back name tags that I had already in my office.

Then, yes, I cut each one of them out and stuck them on the face of the flashlight. I did have to fill in a few spots with a sharpie marker.

kids batman party favors and treats

Attached to the flashlights I made a thank you note just in a word program on the computer and printed them off. I found Batman pop rocks at Dollar Tree 3 for $1, punched holes in the top and tied the thank you note, the pop rocks and a yellow glow stick to the neck of the flashlight with ribbon.

I think they turned out cute! More importantly, my son was BEYOND thrilled!

The party was awesome, his friends LOVED their Batman party favors and I loved how easy, and cheap it all was!


  1. monica says

    hi! if there if any possible way you could share with me how you made your thank you’s I would be greatly appreciated. I have not been able to make mine even compare to yours and have tried numerous times. If you could even steer me in the right direction that would be of great assistance, thank you so much!

  2. Brittany Knudsen says

    Oh how adorable and creative! I’m doing a batman party for my 5 year old in a few days! I know it’s a long shot, but would you mind sharing your printable? If not, no worries. I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask :-) Thanks!

    • Tiffany says

      Oh Brittany!! I totally would but I didnt even think to keep it! I thought it was not great and didn’t think about it. All I did was grab the logo offline and add it into picmonkey.com and make an image. Next time I will keep the image!

  3. Jennifer says

    Love the flashlights! I’m recreating those for our Batgirl birthday. Quick question for you…did your flashlights project a bat image when they were turned on or is the image more for decoration? When I put the bats on the light it still just looks like a regular light shining instead of a bat image. Just curious how yours worked. Thanks so much!

    • Leann says

      Hey Jennifer, I think to make the Bat Signal you would need to use black construction paper to cover the entire light and then have the bat cut out in the center so that the symbol is the only space that light has to escape. I’m guessing of course, but I’m planning on trying this for my sons Batman themed 6th birthday party in May.

  4. Brittany says

    Hello! Can you please tell me where you got the stickers on the flashlights?! LoL I love these ideas!

  5. Anonymous says

    I just did the flashlights fir my son’s party…had difficulty because the light is so bright especially with the LED bulbs. We ended up using smaller flashlights ($1.50 at Walmart & came with batteries ) and my husband used his vinyl cutting machine to make the stickers.

  6. Nichole says

    I used the flaslight idea for my sons party and they are too cute. The logo did not show on the wall as i’d hope but cute nonetheless. I found black/yellow flaslights at dollardays.com. I used Sheeted black duct tape. I will try the construction paper idea another time because it was time consuming.


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