How to Create a Coupon Binder

I get emails often asking if I sell coupon binders. I don’t because I would have to charge too much to make it worth the time to put together. Plus, we are all frugal ladies/men here and I figure you want to save some money and do it yourself! I have had a few different binders but I almost always have the same things on the inside.

You can watch a video HERE of how organize my binder.

Places to buy supplies. I would estimate it to cost about $40 to put together a good binder.

I use a Case It Dual ring Binder. It has 2 sets of rings inside. In one side I put all my coupons for everything I would find in the grocery store and on the other side I put everything I would find at the drug stores. You can find a Case It binder HERE for $16.33 (this is a good price!)


Baseball Card Pages:
I use baseball card holder pages to store my coupons. I might have to fold them a little bit to get them to fit but I love being able to see everything that I have, and it makes it easy to pull out the expired ones! I get mine on Amazon because I need the thicker plastic to hold up longer. You can get them at Walmart, they are about 35 for $5.98. These pages at Walmart are cheaper quality and you will have to replace them after a while. They are located in the front of the store by the baseball and Pokemon cards. Target has a bigger pack for about $15 but they are always sold out. Go HERE to see the Pro Series for $14.99 on Amazon.

Page Dividers:
Use heavy duty ones, if they are the paper kind they will just tear, you need to use plastic.
Avery 8 Tab Write on Plastic $5.47
Avery Big Tab pastic dividers $2.99

I used a label maker to label mine so they look nice :)

Page Dividers (another method):
If you would like FREE binder divider pages, you can go HERE and get some I made. The file is very big and will take a minute to download, but they are really cute! If you do it this way, slip these pages into sheet protectors and use these as your dividers!








Finally, I ALWAYS have copies of all the coupon policies of the stores in my area. Your stores will be different then mine. To find the ones that you need, just Google your store name and add “coupon policy” at the end. That should bring them up.

Last but not least I always keep a pair of scissors and a small calculator in my binder


  1. Andrea says

    Thank’s so much for sharing this information. I have become frustrated trying to put a binder together and having a hard time finding the card pages. Our Walmarts don’t seem to carry them. This should make for some smooth sailing now!! Thanks Tiffany!!!

    • Melissa says

      Another good place to check for the baseball card dividers would be a comic book shop if you have any where you live.

  2. Amber R. says

    I just got a Case It binder like yours at my local Walmart for just $10 yay! 😀 Gotta love school supply clearance time!

  3. Krystal says

    I just bought the same binder, the case it dual binder for $7 at the walmart off of westheimer and dunvale. There were quite a few left in there in various colors if anyone is interested.

  4. Tiff says

    I guess I’m weird, when I first went looking for binder pages, I couldnt find the baseball card size, so I got the business card size. Works just as well I think, might have to get more creative with folding them, but you can fit more coupons on one page.

  5. Desiree says

    I was wondering about the coupon policy for Dollar General. I actually printed one that says they “stack” coupons as well, however when I went to the store the cashier told me that was not true and I forgot to bring the paper to show it. Could you clearify Tiff?

  6. Anonymous says

    The westchase targer had the dual ring binders with straps on clearence today for $5.50! Not many left but you may want to check out other targets


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