Houston Chronicle $.50 each paper – UP to 5 papers DELIVERED


After a very long and frustrating ordeal, I have been in contact with management who is able to help us with this deal. You can get the Houston Chronicle delivered to your home for $.50 each paper UNTIL September 26th. After that, the price goes up to $.75- $1.


These are the details:

  • Up to 5 Sunday papers delivered each week.
  • Must pay for each subscription for the entire year in advance (so $26 each or $130 for all 5 a year)
  • If you already have a subscription, you can ADD to the one you have. If you get 3 now, you can add 2 at the $.50.

To get this deal you need to call  1-855-753-8265 (toll free).

This is not the Chronicle. This number is to a service that is hired to handle phone calls.

** DO NOT call the 713 number you must call the 855 number and TELL them that you want the multiple subscriptions delivered Sunday each.

IF you call the 855 number and they tell you they con’t do this deal. Hang up and call back to get someone else.

** If you have a problem with your subscription, DO NOT call the 713 number they will not be able to help you. You will  need to email doug.windsor@chron.com to get your order straightened out.


  1. Anonymous says

    I am gonna email Doug. I ordered a few weeks back and only ever receive one of two subscriptions. Its been real bad service.

  2. Kinsey says

    I don’t consider myself an “extreme” couponer…maybe a moderate :O). I already get 1 chron. but, can I sign up to just get one more?

  3. Jennifer R. says

    I ordered this same deal back in July. It took two months for them to deliver all my papers consistantly each Sunday. Every Sunday I had to call for them to give me all the papers I was owed. The problem had been the way it was “coded” in their delievery system. My paper carrier thought they were duplicates because of the way it looked in their computer system. If you have trouble getting all your papers, you might want to ask how your account looks in their delivery system.

  4. Lara says

    I don’t know if you’ll see this comment. Even if I’m able to order 3 papers, will this help the actual delivery any? I just cancelled Round 2 of multiple subscriptions before I attempt this Round 3, but I never seemed to get all my papers at once.

  5. Pam says

    I just called. No problems with the phone number. But, the gentleman was unable to allow multiple subscriptions. He said I could try to call back later and add another subscription.

  6. Amber says

    I’m sorry but the people answering the phones are ridiculous! The guy told me you have to be a new subscriber and you can only have up to 3 subscriotions per week. I placed my order and then I wanted to place one for my mom and have it delivered to her house but he told me I had to call back. He said they can only place one order per phone call. So I humg up and called right back. The 2nd guy told me I could have up to 9 subscriptions! What in the world? These people need to get it together.

  7. Jessica T says

    Just called and ordered my subscription of 3 papers with no problems! I’m so excited, maybe now I will get ALL the inserts and sale papers!!

  8. Lara says

    I don’t know if this will make a difference but when I called to order 3 subscriptions, the rep said I could only do one and said I would have to make 2 separate calls to do the other two. But upon further inspection she found that it was only for the other two Hearst papers that they also manage, and that indeed there was an option for the Houston Chron to do more than 1. So it’s possible they just have to look a little harder at the screen.

    Of course, that didn’t help me when I only received 2 of 3 papers yesterday! :(

  9. Carina says

    I signed up for 3 more papers on Wed, Sept 24th to make my total 5. I did not get them last week, called twice both times to hold 25 to 30 minutes. First time a lady said she could only take a message and have someone call me back which they never did. Second time they hung up on me! So I gave up and crossed my fingers for this week but still only 2 papers. I called this morning and could not even get through because line was busy for about 30 minutes. Finally got to an automated system…… SOOO frustrating, I am sharing your pain now Tiffany.

  10. Virginia says

    This deal is still going on. I called and was able to get 2 subscriptions ordered at the same time for 50cents each.

  11. michelle says

    The above deal was over as I emailed Doug and he said so. But I called the 713-362 7211 number, the lady was very helpful and give me the price of .50 each copy. I have 5 copies of Sunday paper. Prepaid for the year. Yay! Basically, if you call and the representative doesn’t give you the price, you can politely hang up and call again.

  12. Britney says

    I have been buying the sunday paper at 2.50 every wk and started thinking how much money this was adding up to. That I really need to sign up for a subscription. I was googling to get some information on a subscription when I came across these blogs. And got excited then disappointed because of the dates. Reading the comments I have to say thank you Michelle. I called the 713-362-7211 number and ordered 2 subscriptions at .50 cents per subscription. The lady was very helpful didnt argue and said they would be delivered this sunday. I agree if you get someone that isnt willing to be helpful then hang up and call back.

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