*FRAUDULENT COUPON* $8 Huggies FAKE coupon!

Heads up! This FAKE $8 Huggies coupon has been making the rounds lately. It is usually sent by well meaning friends as a PDF or Word document. This coupon is fraudulent and should NOT be used for any reason!

There are a few clues that should let you know that this is a likely fraudulent coupon:

  • It is “high value” – $8 off Huggies is a REALLY big coupon. They just don’t make these.
  • They are sent in a PDF format and do not come from the manufacturer.
  • They just don’t “look” right.
  • There are multiple coupons in the PDF from different manufacturers.

If you ever have any questions about coupons please go to the CIC (coupon information center) and look at the fraudulent coupon list and see if they are on there.


  1. Amber D says

    That is so sad and dumb. That person should have been spending time with their child who is little and in diapers probably instead of wasting time making a fake coupon.

  2. says

    The Walgreens by me (MI) has had this posted for about a month…they have reported it to the FBI, apparently the women that came in to use the coupon purchased it off of ebay…so it was reported to them as well…the only time I have ever recieved a coupon allowing a high value was directly from Pampers and it had the watermark/sticker (it was to replace a faulty pack of diapers )

  3. Tarah Durst says

    I recieved a similar legit coupon in a packet when i registered at Babies r us last year… It was $8 off when you bought huggies and wipes. I hope nobody confuses the two :( I already used mine… but for other people i mean

  4. Rachell says

    I have received a few high value huggies coupons by playing games with their huggies points. Once, it was a $13 coupon… I was so happy! Of course it was made of shiny metallic paper and had stamps all over it. It couldnt have been mistaken for a fake.

  5. Stacee says

    I just heard about this. I bet I used $200 worth of these coupons. Well it was good while it lasted. LOL!

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