Coupons for the Troops


Coupons for the troops! Our Men and Women overseas in the military are able to use coupons 6 months past the expiration dates. So, if you have ever wondered what to do with those expired coupons, you can send them over! This is one small way that we can help our military families.

  • Send coupons that are just a month or two past their expiration date, since it takes time to ship, sort and distribute to personnel.
  • If possible, try to sort coupons into smaller envelopes in the same categories you would use. At the very least, sort them into FOOD and NON FOOD if possible.

**PLEASE sort the coupons into categories before shipping them. If you do send her coupons, please consider including $1 to help defray the cost of postage.

Our military families stationed overseas CAN use the following types of coupons:

  • Coupons that state that they are manufacturer’s coupons.
  • Catalina coupons for $$$ a specific product that is also a manufacturer’s coupon (for example $1.00 off 1 package of Kraft cheese or 35¢ off Dannon yogurt)
  • Coupons from all sources provided they are manufacturer’s coupons (Insert coupons, tearpads, printable coupons, booklet coupons, peelies, winetags, etc)

Our military families stationed overseas CANNOT use the following types of coupons:

  • Store specific coupons (for example: Walgreens, Target, Publix, etc)
  • Restaurant coupons (for example: Olive Garden, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Red Lobster, etc)
  • Local coupons (for example: coupons good at a dry cleaner in your town)

Find more information at these websites:

Coupons To Troops

Coupons For Troops

Expired Coupons for Overseas Military
Jamie Sheehan
PO Box 261
Glen Mills, PA 19342

Operation Expiration
Donna Presslor
205 N. Harrison St.
Russellville, IN 46175

P.O. BOX 10
Weir, TX 78674

You can also send Troopons to:
Support Our Troops®
P.O. Box 70
Daytona Beach, FL 32115-0070

Coups For Troops
c/o Caps Against Cancer
PO Box 38731
Charlotte NC 28278
*Lists multiple addresses on their site.


    • diana Gutierrez says

      There a local drop off locations
      Cypress United Methodist Church
      13403 Cypress- N Houston Rd
      Cypress Tx. 77429
      Phone: 281-469-0730
      Hours M-T 9-5
      friday 9-3

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