What coupons can you use where? Store vs. MFQ and Store Logo.

It can be confusing when you are printing and cutting out coupons to know where you can use them when you first start couponing. But quickly you will be able to see some differences and understand what they mean.

When you look at the above coupons before you print them, you can see a few differences. Mostly that 2 of them have a store logo. The top one has none. The middle coupon with the HEB logo is actually a manufacturer coupon that can be used at any store, although it has the HEB logo. The bottom coupon has a Target logo and also says “Redeem only at Target” and when you print it, it is a Target store coupon. Which can only be used at Target, and can still be combined with manufacturer coupon.

This is what they look like when printed. Well, except I already printed and used the 3M coupon, so I printed the Softsoap coupon (you can see below) has a Walmart logo before printed.

You are looking at the top of the coupon to see if it is a manufacturer coupon or a store coupon. A manufacturer coupon can be used at ANY store as long as there as no exclusions listed on the coupon. A store logo isn’t an exclusion. UNLESS IN THE STORES COUPON POLICY THEY SPECIFICALLY SAY THEY DONT TAKE THEM. Even with another stores logo the store can still redeem it and get reimbursed for it.

The Target coupons above both say on them “Redeem Only at Target” even if these coupons are manufacturer coupons, they could only be used at Target. Because the coupons have an exclusion saying they can only be used at Target.

Now, these coupons above all have the Walmart logo on them. The logo says “Available at Walmart” basically letting you know that Walmart carries the product. Plus, they are hoping you think to yourself when seeing the logo, “I am going to use this at Walmart.”

What you need to do is read the coupon:

Coupon 1: USA Kids – Manufacturer coupon, Walmart logo, but says “Redeem ONLY at Walmart” This coupon can only be used at Walmart.

Coupon 2: Softsoap – (you can see this coupon printed above) Manufacturer coupon, No Walmart logo when printed, no exclusions can use anywhere.

Coupon 3: Purex Crystals – Manufacturer coupon, Walmart logo, says “Redeemable at Walmart.” This coupon can still be used at any store that will accept it. They are telling you Walmart carries the product and suggesting you use it there.

Finally, this is pretty much the ONLY coupon type that you can’t use at Walmart or any other store but the store it says on it. That would be a specific STORE coupon.

Clear as mud right?! It really isn’t that hard. The best thing to do is just print the coupon and read it all the way through. I also try to tell you ahead of time if we know that it is ¬†Target coupon so you don’t print it if you wanted to use it somewhere else.

Any questions feel free to email or leave a comment and we will help you understand any questions you have!


  1. Amanda says

    What about the ones that print at the register?

    For example I had a $2.00 manuf. coupon print for Tide detergent at Target the other day but Randall’s told me it could only be used at Target because of the Target logo on there. I only tried to use it because I did not see any specific wording regarding “redeemable only at Target” and the back even said Retailer please send here etc.


    • Tiffany says

      Target is harder. If it says “manufacturer coupon” at the top and their is a “remit address” meaning a place to send the coupon and have it redeemed, Walmart will take them, the Catalina coupons.

  2. Seth says

    Just remember to read the store coupon policy. I know CVS will not except any coupons that has a “redeemable at” or has a store logo on the coupon. Those are considered 3rd party coupons per CVS. It does get confusing at times but you get the hang of it.

  3. laura b says

    Kroger would not take a catalina I had that had HEB logo on it but it was a manufacturer coupon. Really made me mad since they print those out too, so they should know but they said store policy is dont take it if it has a logo.

  4. Shannon says

    I recently had a problem with a Walmart cashier and then the supervisor above her regarding a coupon deal discussed on this website. I wanted your opinion on the matter because I argued until the people behind me were frustrated. The coupon was featured on the Walmart Top 10 under $1 deals and was the Rimmel Nail Polish for $1.50. The coupon states $1 off ANY Rimmel product however has a photo of a select other few items. The cashier and supervisor stated I could only use the coupon for the items photographed. With their logic a coupon from a manufacturer for ANY product would have to be the size of a Sunday paper if it were say L’oreal with their extensive inventory. This was the Brownsburg, Indiana Walmart.

  5. Lindsey says

    Unless Walmart changed their policy, even target (or Walgreens or food town or Randall’s or insert any store) coupon is accepted because they accept competitor coupons.

    • Tiffany says

      They accept competitor coupons that they can price match. If it is a Store coupon like the ones that say “Target Store Coupon” they do not take those.

  6. Cj says

    Thanks for the clarification…so good. Have another,
    At Walgreens yesterday tried to use three $1 coupons for crest mouthwash and wouldn’t allow in one transaction so couldn’t get the RR for buying three. I saw this as one of your deals so wondered if just the League City store or I got unlucky. Also, on another transaction, To use the RR I had to have an item for it… Meaning I had three items, three coupons plus the RR and manager said the RR is a manufacturer coupon really so would need four items to use it.
    Any technique I’m missing here? Thanks for any help.


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