Mother’s Day Giveaway! Coach, Thirty-One and More!

Happy Friday! And, happy almost Mother’s Day coming up to you!

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly and that means some interesting purchases are being made.  Some fascinating gifts will be received…  According to an on-line poll, 1 in 3 mothers say that they only pretend to like their Mother’s Day gifts…

We thought we would help you out by giving you a chance to win all the things you MIGHT ask for and not pretend to be thrilled that you got!

A few of my most favorite blogger friends teamed up together to give you a chance to win some fun (and CUTE!) presents you might not buy yourself! Valued at $450 this is a fun set!

Included in this prize is a Coach Purse, Thirty – One cooler, a Coupon Binder, a Farberware 3-Piece Open Skillet Set  (this gift provided by DuPont™ Teflon®) and $50 from Kentucky Fried Chicken so you don’t have to make dinner!

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  1. Kristi Hammond says

    My favorite mother’s day memory was in 2010. I had just had my twins at 34 weeks prego and they both spent a few weeks in the NICU. I was able to bring them home just before Mother’s Day and we were able to have their first Sunday at church (even if it was only for a little bit) :). Our church takes Mother’s Day pics of the family every year and that picture still hangs on my fridge. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of how small they were and how blessed we were to have healthy babies!

  2. Allie says

    My first Mother’s Day after my (now 2 yr old) was born. My husband took me for a book shopping spree and a picnic. Our son “wrote” in my card and “planned” the whole thing himself. He was perfect that day, the whole day, never got fussy or anything. It just felt the whole day was magical like!

  3. kelly conner says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory is from last year. My son woke me up and told me my coffee was ready. When i went into the kitchen he had already put my cup by the coffee pot. When i went into the living room i found my gifts he bought me. Then i was told to get ready, we were going on the river to go fishing. (which i love) For me its the little things that dont cost alot & just being together as a family!

  4. Barbara Keith says

    Last year,holding my daughter on the sofa while she sleeps on my first Mother’s Day. This year I will have my son, due may 9th so excited!

  5. Jennifer M says

    One if my favorite Mother’s Day memories is the first time my daughter (on her own) made me breakfast. She brought me an apple, a yogurt and 2 pieces of dry toast; she didn’t know to put butter or jam on the toast. It was so cute to see how proud she was of the meal she prepared and I happily ate every last bit of it!

  6. Bethany L. says

    My favorite Mothers Day memory would be my very first Mother’s Day. My daughter was only 3 weeks old and we traveled to SD to watch my Brother-in-law graduate with his Masters. I loved being a mom and then getting to spent it surrounded with family we don’t always get to see made it even more special.

  7. says

    My first Mother’s Day was the day I got to take home my baby from the hospital! Hard to believe that on Monday he will be 10!!! I’m not sure where the time went!!

  8. Lizzi Long says

    I hope I am doing this right! My favorite Mother’s Day Memory is when my daughter made the most beautiful card that was way beyond her year in artwork but the words she used to descibe how she thought of me had me crying all the way through. I think of it every year since! Her words, even though young, she knew from all she was how much I love her and she wanted me to know how much she loved me! I still cry just thinking of that card!

  9. Roberta Frost says

    Thanks for the giveaway, my oldest is 35, too many mother’s days to remember them all

  10. Lynda says

    I am a mother of two girls and one on the way. But forget about me. I want to dedicate this to my mum. We lost our father 27 days ago. My dad would always have flowers delivered, a sweet card and a nice dinner for my mum. This will be a hard day for her as she won’t receive these special little things from him. I know I have to try a little harder to ease this pain, I know it won’t be the same, but I would like to have something special for her as I know my dad would love that too. My dad would always say that he traveled halfway around the world to find my mum just so he can have us as beautiful children. (Dad is from England and mum is from the Philippines). Happy Mother’s Day.

    • Tiffany says

      I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful example you had, and an amazing Dad. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well.

  11. Shelley Claypool says

    My favorite mothers day memory was my three children bringing me breakfast in bed. Even though the toast was burnt and the eggs were not cooked all the way, I still absolutely loved it. And I, also, loved the fact that my husband took us all out for brunch after that. :) Every mothers day is a new experience that I am so thankful to have!

  12. Ladonna says

    My children are still young, so I hope there are many, many Mother’s Days with wonderful memories to come. At this point, my favorite Mother’s Day memory would be the first Mother’s Day after my eldest was born. He was about two months old then. It was a magical day for me, celebrating my first Mother’s Day, knowing that I could celebrate along with all of the other mothers for the first time!

  13. Lorie says

    Would love to win this for my mom, she done some much for my kids and i.
    sence i’v been unemployed. I love you mom

  14. kerian says

    I have a rough time with mother’s day since my mom passed when I was 18, but my all of my favorites have been since my kids were born. I have 3 and they make sure that I’m not sad on that day. =)

  15. Amanda says

    The best Mother’s Day was last year when my five kids (all 11 and younger) cleaned up the playroom in my honor. It was a so sweet.

  16. Maria H. says

    Mother’s Day is a wonderful holiday. I pray for all of the children & families who have lost their mother and won’t be able to celebrate with her.

  17. Zoraya says

    Oh, This would be lovely and like you say, I would never buy for myself, but would love it! Thank you for the opportunity

  18. Amanda S says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory is of my first Mother’s Day. My daughter was almost 9 months old and being able to spend my day with her made my life finally feel complete. I had been told that I could not have children so she was my surprise little miracle baby!

  19. Maria H. says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory is my first Mother’s Day with each of my children…It’s of holding them tight and knowing that this is what life’s all about.

  20. Sabrina Lawrence says

    My favorite Mother’s Day is each year! They alwasy spoil me and make me feel special and I love them so much. My family is awesome!

  21. Lindsay says

    My most awesome Mother’s Day memory is when my daughter got to come home in time for it. She was in the NICU due to pregnancy complications. But she got to finally come home and be in our arms. Every Mother’s Day since is awesome!! Thanks for the giveaway!! If I win I’m going to give it to mom for Mother’s Day. She LOVES coach and wanted one for awhile. Good luck everyone.

  22. Anonymous says

    Mom of 6 all little, and I never buy anything that isn’t Resale, it would be nice to win something new!

  23. Jill says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory is receiving hand-made picutre frames and poems from my children.

  24. Juliann says

    My favorite mothers day memories were waking up early each mothers day to make my mom breakfast in bed. Now I have two little ones of my own and we are making our own greatest memories!

  25. Donna says

    When my youngest daughter was in 1st grade I went to my 7th mother’s day tea. I couldn’t help but giggle when she read her poem about me and told everyone my age “26”. One of the young mothers asked me how I managed not to cry, I explained to her that I did at the first one, over fourteen years ago. Then she looked at me asked how I could have had a 1st grader at 12!

  26. valerie blaha says

    This would be most awesome. Since I have been essentially layed off for 5 months we don’t do a whole lot of celebrating around my house. Although I do enjoy the mornings and afternoons being home with my kiddos. Without them Mothers Day would be just another Sunday.

  27. Sam says

    The only Mother’s Day gifts I’ve ever received are handmade from my boys so I’ve LOVED them all!! <3 But it would be so nice if someone actually bought me something LOL and even nicer if I won this giveaway!

    Happy Mother's Day everyone :)

  28. Crystal says

    This would be an awesome gift for my mom this mother’s day. Not only is she a great mom, but also just became a grand mom a few weeks ago and will become a grandmother to my son in July!

  29. Tera says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory is waking up and my kids were cooking me breakfast. So sweet.

  30. Amy says

    My kids are little and my husband isn’t the best gift giver. I usually just get a card lol but my best Mother’s Day was my first, simply because I was finally a mother.

  31. Adrienne says

    My daughter was born April 23, 2007. My first Mother’s Day as a mother (after TEN years of trying) was May 12, 2007. It was the most beautiful Mother’s Day in the world. <3

  32. Amanda B says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memories are the pics my hubby takes with our kids every year!! Everyone knows he hates having his picture taken so it makes them more special that he will willingly sit down with our kids & do something special for me…

  33. Cristi says

    My favorite Mothers Day memory was when I brought my son home from the hospital after he was born. He was my best Mother’s Day present ever!

  34. Kelly J says

    Gosh, I wish I could think of one, I really am just proud to have my 2 girls and another one on the way! So probably this others day with me the best

  35. Asia says

    Last year was the best! My kids bought me a gorgeous plant inside a birdcage from HEB (imo they have pretty awesome plant arrangements). I kept it alive all year!!!

  36. Jess O says

    I remember my first mothers day as a mother. My mom, my daughter and I all went to the zoo together. It was a perfect day.

  37. Noemi De Leon says

    I have 3 kids(17yr, 9yr,13yr) and every year I tell them that I don’t want anything expensive, because I would rather them give me something they made or buy something small from their savings/allowances. So they do just that, but one year they felt like splurging and got me a coach purse. I felt so guilty, as this was way too much. Then my daughter said “MOM! We knew you would say that, but we used a 30% coupon, plus it was on sale, now do you feel better?” They knew exactly how I would feel, if they bought it full price. LOL

  38. says

    Thanks for the giveaway. What I love about mothers day is the cards, especially as my babies were learning to write their names on their own. It is such a reminder of how small they were when you look back at these big letters, some backwards, and imagine that little hand carefully placing each one and feeling so proud!!!

  39. Terrie says

    I was a single Mom and my youngest daughter was in high school, money was very tight, so she went out in the back yard cut roses from our bush and had ramen noodles cooked for me,when I got home plus a handmade card !

  40. Annette says

    The book my son made describing me to his pre-school teacher when he was three…I liked cooking, washing clothes and pulling weeds in the yard. It opened my eyes!

  41. blanca l. says

    My favorite memory for mothers day was when I was little. My father use to wake us up and take us to Kmart and we would look for a mothers day present for my mom. She would get to sleep in and we would all get a present. Then after that my father would make breakfast . Best memories ever I hope one day my husband does that for me :)

  42. Jennifer says

    I’m a mother of 5, and I’ve never owned a designer purse because I can never force myself to give in to the expense! What a delight this win would be :)

  43. Angela says

    I don’t really have one favorite Mother’s Day memory. I treasure the memories of the ones that I got to spend with my grandmother before she died and I love each one that I now get to spend with my children.

  44. Denise says

    My favorite memory so far, was last year when my son composed a song and performed and sang it for me. He is very talented and was 14, when he did it. I cried. He cried. I thought he was too old to be sentimental. It will live with me forever.

  45. Rachel R says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory was celebrating my first Mother’s day at my Grandma’s church. They do this thing where they have the oldest mother give advice to the youngest mother(me).

  46. Marilyn Fitch says

    I enjoy celebrating Mother’s Day with my stepdaughters on the weekend after actual Mother’s Day. We all know that I’m not their mother, but I am their stepmother and it’s nice to be appreciated! There are so many stepmoms out there now and I hope they’re all being recognized also. We typically go out for a nice brunch out on a patio. My husband also always gets me the sweetest card!

  47. sue neoh says

    we will have a compulsory attendance get together on mother & father’s day every year….and every celebrations comes with great memories!

  48. Alicia Young says

    Every Mother’s Day is my favorite!! This year will be my 17th Mother’s Day. My oldest was born the day before Mother’s Day and he will be 16 2 days before Mother’s Day this year. Time sure does fly!! Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  49. Anonymous says

    My favorite memory is getting a beautiful bouquet of dandelions from sweet,chubby little hands.

  50. Angela says

    My favorite memory is when all the of my kids
    Came into the room with breakfast. Just seeing how exited they
    Are to make me happy makes me happy every time I think about it.

  51. Julie Cover says

    I really don’t have a favorite Mother’s Day memory. Gosh…that’s pretty sad, isn’t it!!

  52. Kari c says

    My favorite Mother’s Day was in 2011 my son and husband surprised me with a picture book of when my son was born.

  53. Michelle H says

    I love the homemade gifts my daughter has made for me over the years. She is getting older now, and those kind of gifts are fewer and fewer.

  54. Maria T says

    Favorite memory was having a girls day out. We had mani and pedi done and later had some lunch.

  55. Melissa says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory is from three years ago when I became a Mother for the first time after waiting 15 years to be a Mom I finally had my princess :-) and this year I have two wonderful beautiful babies for Mothers day what more could I ask for.

  56. amy says

    This is my first Mother’s Day so I don’t have any memories yet but I’m sure I will in the future!

  57. Anonymous says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory. Having my three kids and my husband bring me breakfast in bed.

  58. Camille H. says

    I love my mom to the moon and back and I would really like to surprise her with this wonderful gift!! Please pick me for this contest!!!! Thanks

  59. maria c says

    My most memorable mother’s day was 9 years ago, I was at my baby shower on mother’s day when I went into labor. A few hours later still mother’s day I had my baby boy. Will never forget that day.

  60. Kirstin says

    My first Mother’s Day, my first born (now almost 11) was 10 months old, and shared a stomach virus (with me AND my hubby!) Thank goodness my parents were in town to watch the lovely baby in them morning and then lot of watching Baby Einstein on repeat DVD and the little one blocked in the family room for most of the day! We were down for the count! Thank goodness the past 10 have gotten better :)

  61. Ambrosia says

    My favorite Mother’s Day was last year. It was the first time my boys attempted to make me breakfast in bed. 1/2 frozen waffles and day old coffee never tasted so good.

  62. Maricela Wofford says

    MOTHER’S DAY MEMORY: My son LOVES rocks! Everywhere he goes he picks me up one and we have created a rock garden, art, and I even have some stored in a baggie as a keepsake. All this started because at the age of 3 we found out he was allergic to flowers. So he stopped picking them for me and started bringing me home rocks instead. For mother’s day one year, he BOUGHT me (with his little allowance) a red little rock with a charm attached that said LOVE on it. It’s the one rock I carry everywhere with me!!!

  63. Cassey R. says

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

    I do not have just one special mothers day that stands out more than others they have all been wonderful spending them with my family.

    What a great giveaway a person could not only make them selves happy but could split the prizes with 4 other people to give other people a special mothers day gift.

    To all the mothers out there and the soon to be mothers I hope you all have a wonderful mothers day.

  64. Priscilla says

    My first mothers day because we had just moved into our own place and it was just my husband, 11 month old son and me.

  65. Lisa Langley says

    My favorite mother’s day is my first…very special. Plus, I got to celebrate my birthday the same day too! :)

  66. Rosalia says

    The things my kids get me are pitiful. I’ve stayed giving my sister money and have her take the kids shopping for my gift now and of course she always knows just the perfect gift. Lol.

  67. Nancy P says

    My favoriteMothers day was when my daughter was old enough to express her feelings and tell me what a great mom I was. Then you think to yourself, “Wow, I raised a wonderful young lady! I didn’t do to bad of a job.”

  68. Sarah says

    My sister and I had professional pictures of us taken one year for mothers day. She loved them!

  69. Shelley C says

    The one yr I got to take my ma out to lunch by ourselves. We never get to go anywhere just the 2 of us.

  70. plance says

    my favorite mother’s day memory is one in the future. every one i get to share with my mom because my favorite one. my elderly mom is now 83 and frail. i hope we all love and prize our mothers in the time that we can.

  71. Leanna says

    My favorite Mother’s day Memory. It was my first after my husband left. I was still pretty sad. And my daughter (who was 3) brought home a flower they made at school. And they wrote something on each pedal. Her’s said pretty, nice, best friend, funny, and silly. I love her little heart.

  72. Anonymous says

    Every mothers day my kids wake up early and make me breakfast in bed. I love this tradition and look forward to it every year, because I love to see their faces as they bring it in to me.

  73. laurie b says

    The best Mother’s Day was when my two little ones made cards for me and my son took my favorite granola bar and put it in an envelope and said that the mail man dropped it off for me.

  74. Mike says

    My daughter made a family book in kindergarten for my wife. It was the best Mother’s day seeing how much it meant to both, my daughter and my wife.

  75. Lisa W says

    My favorite memory is from 3 years ago when my favorite sister-in-law nonchalantly told me she was pregnant!!

  76. heather says

    The last few years my daughters birthday has fallen on mothers day weekend so it’s nice to share the spotlight with her and let her feel special also. This year she was asked to help pass out mother’s flowers at church and she is super excited!

  77. Elizabeth says

    My favorite mother’s day memory was my first mother’s day, because I was able to celebrate it with all of the other mothers in my church.

  78. Elki says

    My favorite MDM was the year my daughter was born; I had two boys and wanted so bad to buy pink! That year we had 4 generations of women in one room . . . pretty awesome!

    P.S. Watch what you wish for, after her birth, I had two more girls every 2 years, Yikes!

  79. mary says

    my favorite mother’s day is when my baby brought me one of his toy that he would part make me smile and i gave the toy back to him and say thank you and i love you, baby and we hug. sweet baby.

  80. Yolanda says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory was when my daughter brought home the first card she made at preschool as my gift. It had her hand print and a bible verse on it. I wish I had that card today-it would mean more to mean than any gift I ever recevied for Mother’s Day.

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