*HOT* VTech Inno Tab Tablet 2 – $61 shipped!!!

This is a HOT HOT HOT deal on the VTech Inno Tab Tablet, if you are looking for the “S” series, this is the CHEAPEST you are going to see it! Thanks Christine Y!

Go to YoYo.com and in the search type “Inno Tab” you will see both colors for $79. Check out and use coupon code YOYO30A to get 30% off!

This is an AWESOME price!!


  1. Rachel says

    I was looking for the Innotab 2S….is that what you are referring to?? “s-series”? I don’t see it at YoYo.com?

    • Tiffany says

      NO they only have the “s” not the “s2” Those you wont see this low. They are staying around $99 for the S2.

  2. Christine Y says

    :) yay! :) :) I also want to say they work on the base modal!!! My daughter is only 4 and doesn’t need the extras the “2” gives (like camera) so I got the regular InnoTab for $47.99 (with tax it was $50.87!)

    My code was just YoYo30 … not sure if that will make a difference :)

  3. Amanda S. says

    I got the “2” this weekend with this promo. The blue is on sale for $77.99 so final price was $57.99 + tax (max discount of $20 given). Awesome price! My son is going to love it. He loves to use my kindle fire so I’m gonna call this his “kindle” 😉 Thanks for sharing.


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