Upcoming Coupon Classes! 5 FREE Classes This Summer


There some upcoming coupon classes/workshops that you can attend this summer. Following the workshop, attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to shop with coupons using strategic couponing and menu planning techniques and achieve savings of 50% or more!

Topics discussed in the workshop include the following areas:

Strategic Grocery Shopping

  • Learn how to avoid common marketing traps at the grocery store, and shop smarter!

Realistic Couponing

  • See exactly how coupons work, how you can use them to save at least 50% on your groceries, understand your stores’ policies, and keep all those awesomecoupons organized!

Meal Planning Made Simple

  • Get practical help with how to plan out your menu to save the most money while providing healthy meals for your family!

You will receive a workbook to take lots of valuable notes during the workshop. So come prepared to learn, discuss and connect with others who are excited about saving money too!

Current  FREE Coupon 101 Classes:

Monday June 10th 6:30 – 8:30pm

George and Cynthia Woods Mitchell Library
8125 Ashlane Way
The Woodlands, Texas  77382

Monday July 1st 6:30pm – 8:30pm

George and Cynthia Woods Mitchell Library
8125 Ashlane Way
The Woodlands, Texas  77382

Wednesday, July 10th 6-7:45pm

Stella Link
7405 Stella Link
Houston, Texas 77025
Large Meeting Room. Setup for 30.

Tuesday, July 16 th 6-7:45pm 

Ring Library
8835 Long Point
Houston, Texas 77055
Ring Meeting Room Setup for 30.

July 18th- 6:30-8:30pm

R. B. Tullis Branch Library
21569 U.S. Highway 59
New Caney, TX 77357

 * Please call the location and register there. I am not doing the registration on these.


  1. Charity says

    Oh oh the Stella Link location is close to me! Is that at the library, the Y, or Pershing middle school? (They are all in a row)

    • guest24 says

      Me, too Charity. Maybe 6Pm won’t be too bad (with traffic) to get there. e just “show up”.?? I will try to make it there also.

  2. Jennifer Stinson says

    Curious, my daughter is 11, would it be ok for her to attend with me, and would I have to register her as well?

  3. Kelly says

    I called the Stella Link/Mc Govern library to register for the July 10th class and was told to just show up, or to call the day of the class to register. Is this correct?

  4. guest24 says

    As a single gal, I really don’t get out “at night”. If you ever have an afternoon or morning class….. I would love to attend….. Thanks.

  5. Lineti says

    Minus the empty gas tank when I tried to leave the Mitchell Library…. Had a great time tonight! Lol. I appreciate all the info given tonight…thanks for giving us the opportunity to learn how to live more frugal and especially to know that it IS POSSIBLE!

      • Anonymous says

        Not really…kind of annoying…but no worries…good thing gas station was just on the corner…made it home safe and sound :)


      • Lineti says

        I was looking forward to the next class on July 1st, but it looks like kiddo is playing in Jr Nationals that week. Would there be any other opportunities to attend just the 2nd part of this awesome class? :)

  6. Kathy says

    I was at your class the other night and I believe you mentioned your were going to go into more specific stores in the next class. Is that the one on July 1st? If so, I will not be able to make that class. Is there any way to get the information emailed to those that can’t attend?

    • Tiffany says

      Yes that is the class. I don’t have all the materials together yet, yuo can email me closer and I can then

    • Tiffany says

      I am sorry they don’t know what is going on. This isn’t my class that I set up, I have no way to take registrations. PLease call and try again.

  7. says

    If I can not attend the Stella Link one, Will there be ones closer to the Dickinson Area anytime soon? I really want to take this class and learn all the great things that I can go to help save my family some money!!!! I hope to hear back soon!!!


  8. Charity says

    I called Stella Link today and they said to show up 30+ minutes early and by then they will have some kind of admission ticket system set up, although they don’t know yet what that will be :) I plan to attend with my friend Shelby (she’s a first timer).

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