AWESOME Houston Chronicle Deal + FREE Coupon Classes THIS WEEK!

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UPDATE: You are eligible to receive this special deal if you have EVER attended one of our coupon classes! You do not have to attend another class to receive this offer! The offer ends Thursday 6/20 at 7:00 NO EXCEPTIONS!!

This is HUGE, all you have to do is fill out the form below and we will call you or you can call 832-510-4270 between the hours of 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM and we can take your order over the phone. You can only pay by credit or debit card over the phone. If you want to pay by cash or check you will have to attend one of my classes. This is the only way to get a multiple subscription offer and TRUST me, I can make it worth your time! YOU CANNOT CALL THE CHRONICLE AND GET THIS OFFER!! It is an I Heart the Mart & My Litter Exclusive .

We have tried for years to work with the Houston Chronicle and we finally have a deal for you!
The deal is so good in fact, I am not allowed to publish it… It can only be offered through Paul’s live coupon classes, that he has THIS WEEK. There are 3 live options and 2 webinar options.

You can come see me at a live class or you can register to see one of my live online webinars. I would love to see you in person and the offer may be a little better but I realize you may not be able to attend in person. The key is registering for a live event to get this deal. 
Register for FREE LIVE Coupon Class this week: 

Online Live Webinars Available for, please register in the form below ( it is free!) :

  • Wednesday 6/19 at 2:30 Bay Oaks Country Club
  • Thursday 6/20 at 2:30 Sugar Creek Country Club


  1. jenn says

    Is Tuesday webinar already full? I don’t see it where you sign up. I work on Wed/thurs so tues is only one I can do.

  2. Nickie says

    I am hoping to attend, but I will have to bring my daughter. Is that going to be okay? If so, do I put us down for 2 or just 1 (referring to me)?

  3. JC says

    I would love to attend but, today was my day off for this week. Is there a way you could tell me about the chronicle deal after the classes. Thank you.

  4. Bertha Ortega says

    Omgosh I’m leaving on family vacation on wed. I will not be able to make any of the classes. Will any of the deals be available to those who cant attend.

  5. michael says

    I am already a subscriber but my subscription renews in July…if I do not cancel but instead non renew those would that be allowed? Do you know ?
    Also , I will try to register for the webinar but I work during the day so not sure if I will be able to fully attend ..maybe on my lunch break

    • Tiffany says

      Yes you can do that!
      Someone else asked that same question, you will just overlap a few papers. But it would be worth it for the price. That is ok, just register and you will get the info.

  6. Cynthia says

    I signed up for the wedensday web class but didn’t get a conformation email or a phone call. When should I get the phone call? Thanks!

  7. michael says

    I missed a call this morning–no voice mail was left– from 281-709-4845
    I called it back and it said it was from a “partnered website” then proceeded to ask me a bunch of stuff ” do you own or rent your home/ are you owed a structured settlement/do you or anyone in your family have diabetes” I answered all the questions but there was never a mention of the Houston Chronicle deal …was this your company calling me or some random phone service?

          • katie says

            I’m just saying don’t be so quick to dismiss the other class just because it’s not yours. Its really good.

          • Tiffany says

            I realize it can be difficult to read sarcasm online and hear someone’s tone of voice. We work with those girls and know them, and they do just as good if a job. Paul being my husband, I am going to joke that his classes are better.

    • Tiffany says

      You read that right! That is when people can afford to rent the places where the classes are at. You are more then welcome to come to any of my free classes that are all at night at the libraries this summer!

      • dorothy says

        I signed up for the Sugar Creek class online, but I may not be able to tune in to the whole thing as I will be at work. (I’ll bring my headphones) I signed up yesterday but have not heard from anyone yet. I tried calling the number above, but your phones must be ringing off the hook with this. :-)

  8. Cynthia says

    I currently subscribe by the monthly easy pay schedule (I only pay one month at a time). Can I stop that and get this deal? I hope that makes sense!

  9. Michelle says

    If anyone can’t make the Northwest siminar and has a ticket I would love to go to the 7:00 class !!!

  10. jennifer says

    thank you so much for this great opportunity. Just got my confirmation call and signed up for two more deliveries a year. Awesome! You guys rock!

  11. Camille says

    I signed up last night, but my phone doesn’t get reception when I am at the office. Argh! Will I get an email confirmation for Wednensday’s webinar if they can’t reach me by phone? Thanks so much!!

  12. Allison says

    I signed up for the webinar this morning but have not got a conformation email or a phone call. When should I? Also how do I view the webinar? Thanks!

  13. Lindsay says

    Thanks for the deal! I’m signed up and ready to go! The person you hired was a great help. I’m stoked about the chron deal. Thanks! Nobody on my street gets the paper, I hope they don’t steal them lol

  14. says

    I signed up this morning for the 2:30 webinar, but I have not received any information as to how I should log on. I have not received a phone call either.


  15. Michelle says

    I signed up yesterday for the today’s 2:30 webinar and still have not rec. any calls or email. ???

  16. shandy lecourias says

    HI Tiffany,
    I would like to be able to participate in the webinar today but there is no link to register! Hop eit is not too late, if it is can you help me register for tomorrows???

  17. Michelle says

    If we don’t get a call or email if we signed up yesterdeay for the 2:30 class what can we do next sign up for the next wedinar ?? I guess I will not be doing the 2:30 webinar today.

  18. Carrie says

    Should I sign up for the webinar tomorrow since I didn’t get any log in information in time to listen to the one today? Thanks!

  19. michael says

    Tiffany…they called me about the subscription. Would it b breaking any rules if I post what they offered me ?

  20. michael says

    Ok then..the lady said I could get a 26 month subscription (half a year) for 1.00 a week —26 bucks for a 26 week subscription., for my next 3 subscriptions because I already have 2 subscriptions. She also said I would get a $15.00 gift card to Target, Wal mart, or cvs. What I did not understand was is that 15.00 per subscription or 5.00 per subscription? either way the deal is pretty good, especially when you factor in the gift cards. I am thinking about it but am kind of spoiled because of the deal you got us a while back for 50cents per subscription. Once that ran out, though, I was automatically renewed at the normal rate. So understand the deal is a good one, better than the full rate deal I have now. However is 26 weeks, it will expire.

    • Tiffany says

      It is a $5 gift card per subscription. Yes after 26 weeks it expires. They will never be doing the $.50 again :(

  21. Natasha says

    I signed up for the webinar today at 2:30 but have not received any info on how to log on to it. Any insight?

  22. stacy says

    I signed up for the webinar today, but I haven’t gotten any email confirmations or anything telling me how to log on. How do I do that?

  23. Jennifer Stinson says

    I signed up for the webinar today, but I haven’t gotten any email confirmations or anything telling me how to log on.

  24. Michelle Brinkmeyer says

    I registered but I never received an email or phone call. Sure hate to miss out on this deal.

  25. JC says

    Quick question. I have not being charge the subscription, but I was told that was going to star this Sunday? Is that correct? just want to be sure?

    thank you and have a good and bless Sunday.

  26. Carrie says

    No papers today. I called the Houston Chronicle and they said it would be to 7 to 10 days before my subscription begins since I signed up through a 3rd party. :(

    • Tiffany says

      They told us Sunday. Are they going to get your papers to you today or tomorrow? Or did they say next week??

      • Carrie says

        They didn’t give an exact date, just said 7 to 10 days, but I ordered over the phone so hopefully it will be next Sunday.

          • Tiffany says

            Thank goodness! I was planning on standing at the door of the Chron and banging on the window if you guys didn’t get them today.

    • Tiffany says

      OK this is what they just told me: If you were at a class then you will get them TODAY because it was directly added. If you ordered over the phone, it will be next Sunday because it had to be called in. I am really sorry, as we were told something completely different. This is the first time doing this and so I am not sure they really knew what they were doing. :(

      • Rhiannon says

        Thanks so much for the update! I’m sure they’ll be here next week. So excited about the deal!!!

  27. Alina L. says

    I completely missed this deal! ;( is there going to be another deal coming up? And also I have never been to any coupon class ever but I just started couponing and would love to go to one. Is there any way to still catch a webinar and a deal?.

  28. Faith says

    I attended one of the coupon classes sponsored by the Chronicle, and signed up for the newspapers, which was a great deal, but there was a website that matched the local sales with coupons that I think the Chronicle was sponsoring. I can’t find my notes, could you tell me what the website was?

  29. Sonya says

    Will the gift cards be coming in the mail or will it be a link for online shopping? BTW, I have just now got my subscriptions correctly. I know they have been overwhelmed and I am sure you have too!! LOL. Thanks for all you do to get us good deals!

  30. Cozette Torres says

    I would really like to be able to attend an event but I live in Pasadena are y’all having anyone out here in Pasadena area or can I login to your site maybe see one online?Please and Thank you

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