Thirty One Products 70% off!

Today at Your Parting Gifts you can get 70% off or more of ThirtyOne products. I have posted about this brand before and I love them. They are really good quality and last forever. They are also really easy to have monogramed and personalized. With 70% off that makes for cheap gifts!

The Thirty One Outlet Sale is coming right after Christmas. The sale starts 12/26/13 at 7pm CST.

Shipping is high at $10 flat rate, so if you are getting 1 thing I would not suggest it, but if you need to get a bunch of items for say kids teachers gifts or neighbors, it is TOTALLY worth it!


  1. jill says

    They have really run low on inventory on this special, but they do have great products.
    I happen to be an “independent consultant” for them and I will offer free shipping if someone wants a product from the regular catalog.
    I love a bargain and to pass them on to others!

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