JC Penney Buttons Promotion – Win Prizes and Cash Off

There is a promotion at JC Penney right now through Christmas Eve where you can get “buttons” and cash them in. Thanks Kathleen!

This is what to do: 

  • Get your free buttons from a JCP team member at any register. Just ask for a button!
  • Find the 7-digit code on the back of each button.
  • Enter two codes each day, at jcp.com/christmas to find out if you’ve won
  • Get more buttons at the store every day until Christmas Eve (while supplies last), for more chances to win.

Buttons can get you a trip to Washington DC, New York, Yellowstone and Chicago. Or thousands of gifts every day, even cash off!

From Kathleen: I am loving the buttons from JcPennys. I didn’t win anything on Black Friday :(. I went the other day and won $25.00, spent that and won $10.00 and $10.00. I spent that $20.00 today, and now I won $10.00 and $5.00. This will be really cool if I can keep it up each time. :)

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  1. belinda rodriguez says

    i have won 25.00 so far but i am having so much trouble printing my bar code and amount that ive won. it is so disappointing.

    • Sarah says

      If you have a smart phone, you can open the email on your phone and they can scan the bar code straight from your phone! I won 2 $5 gift cards and if worked for both

  2. Lydia says

    It’s a great game I play every day and so far l’ve won over $200.00 dollars.
    It’s easy and fun…I Love it!!!
    They also let you use more than 1 certificate at a time on one transaction as long as they’re the same denomination, i.e. $5.00 with 5.00 and $10.00 with 10.00 ect…
    1 out of 8 will win $5.00 or $10.00…So the odds or Great that you’ll Win something, so keep trying and the sales are Great also.
    FYI remember to scan the price tags because you’ll be surprised some prices are less than they show on the tags.
    Sorry this is so long, but the game will end on 12/24/2012, but you’ll have until 12/31/2012 to spend you’re certificates.
    You can also win gift cards and a trip (their giving away 1 trip a day).
    Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!!!
    P.S. I bought my husband a complete wardrobe at no out of pocket cost.
    Thanks Tiffany!!!

      • Lydia says

        Hi Tiffany,
        I’ve played 2 buttons a day since the 23rd of Nov. when the game started.
        So more than 40 buttons and I won something pretty much everyday.
        I Hope to win a trip. The supervisor at the Pearland location say to me “if you Win a trip/vacation she would buy my luggage.” LOL!!

        Thanks and Good Luck!!!

  3. Christine says

    We’ve won two 10.00 from the same trip…:) I gave them to my sister in law who has had a rough year to help get presents for her kids.

  4. Andrea says

    Hi Tiffany!! I am up to $65 in certificates now. I am so excited because this is a real Christmas blessing for us with 6 kids and only one income! I can’t even imagine winning anything else, but will keep trying!!

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Lydia says

      I know right, I didn’t know how I would pull this Christmas off last year was Horrible but we have each other. God Bless You and keep playing this is a very special window….

      Merry Christmas!!!

  5. says

    I have 2 winner Buttons, Didn’t get my certificates. Went into 2 difference J C Penny stores. Was told the could not pull up certificate. unless I had the buttons????? Didn’t know this. I have print out stating I was a winner and all info had been enter correctly.They could not use that???????????
    God bless J C Penny. I also e-mail their customer services??????????? I want J C Penny to come back with earning so that more peoples could be hired, but????????/ God Blass J C Penny

  6. says


  7. says


  8. says

    I have 2 winning buttons., but can’t get my certificates. I was told theat it took longer when e-mail address ended in .NET?
    Can’t get any help was told I needed my buttoms? I have paper showing the I was a winner and all ainformation doenloaded correct. E-mail the customer service department. No reply?????? Is this what some of us is to experience? Bod bless J C Penny to have a stronge comeback. They lack good customer service relationship. experial the managers in some location? It is not about the certificate, but J C Penny and how customers are treated. No one stated I will take care of this for you, only stated there is nothing we can do without the buttons. (paper showing winner & sucess)??????

  9. annjhie says

    we got 8 bottons and only 2 of them go through… an the rest already been used.:(.. does anyone here try to claim a certificate through phone?? coz i dnt have access to a printer right now..:( anyone? Thanks!

  10. ron anderson says

    I have played a number or buttons, and most of them have came up as already been used. We have won two ten dollar certificates and a five dollar certificate. The button program is fun but discouraging when most of the buttons will not play. We shop a lot at penny’s, and hope they can get there business model together, they are an icon in retail shopping.

  11. shewell says

    Won almost 100.00 in certificates..and just won the Ladies citizen watch set..you can cash in the cetificates up to News Year..!!

  12. Mary Sue Klusman says

    Very interestng comment from some winners. I had received 12 buttons. Sorry no winner. Question the integrity of those BUTTONS. Waste 0f my time.

  13. Denise Kittredge says

    Wow>>>Got a lot of buttons….didn’ have time to enter till now……TOO LATE!! That stinks , you should at least have somewhere to enter them to see if you would have won….that would be fun…..or depressing if you won that trip….LOL!!!!

  14. Dee Brenner says

    I have a winning button from last month but haven’t received my coupon yet. Can I bring the buttons into the store?

  15. says

    where is the button enter code. i’ve got 8 buttons and have yet to be able to get them entered…..I’ve been trying since before xmas, now it’s January 7,2013, what good are they? I shop there any time i have extra money not very often of course but i love JCP and i tell all my friends about how good their deals are.

  16. says

    I see the game is over and I’m very upset. When i go to the store everyone there is so very nice and curtious. I would appreciate it if the store i go to which is Southpark Mall in Colonial Heights, Va 23834 would at least be recognized for their support they have given me and let me get my buttons entered. There was no advertisement in our store when the cut off date was or how to enter them that i saw. A very close friend told me about the buttons.. I feel very left out for as much money that i have spent with this department store!!!!!

  17. lucille vance says

    i won over a hundred dollar doing the botton and i have not received it yet. where do i go to get my winning prize.when will it be in my email.i want my prize!!thank you

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