Office Max $.01 Backpacks and Messenger Bags STARTING Sunday!

The BACKPACK deals are here at Office Max!! OK we have seen these deals for years at Office Max. If you are not signed up for Office Max perks you need to be.

** This deal might be regional, so check your ad Sunday morning before you make a trip, and check and I will double check and see if we can do it online!

Are you signed up now?

What happens is that you purchase any backpack or messenger bag starting Sunday, either online or instore. When you check out you have to use your Max Perks number. You will be getting the money back in the form of a Office Max gift card to use on other items.

At Office Max I can shop online and still get the great deals. This is How:
  • Go through Ebates 3% back,  Type in Office Max and follow the link to shop there.
  • Once there, if you do not have an Office Max Perks account sign up for one.
  • Then shop for your backpack. When you purchase it you will need to follow the directions on your receipt and submit your rebate. You will be able to use the $$ to purchase other items at the store. Many people use the Max Perks from recycling their ink cartridges, (when you turn them in there you get $3 for everyone that you bring in) to purchase their backpacks!
If you are purchasing your backpacks in the store you might want to hurry in this week! Both Staples and Office Max are reporting lines of people for them!


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