Amazon: Set of 3 Storage Containers for kids!

Today at Amazon they have a set of 3 Neat – O! Legos storage units for a really good price. I love these for not only Legos, but for any kids storage and also Hot Wheels cars.

They are each normally priced at about $15, so the 3 for $22.99 (was $55) is a good deal.

  • Store and organize your entire LEGO collection
  • Lego® ZipBin® Head Transforming Storage Tote: perfect for taking your Lego® bits and pieces on the go. Unzip to transform into Lego® building surface. Holds over 300 bricks
  • Lego® Racer Zipbin® Transforming Storage Box : take along your Lego® creations or simply unzip to transform into a build and play surface. Includes ramp. Holds ~ over 500 bricks
  • Lego® CITY Fire ZipBin® Large Transforming Storage Box : The ultimate in Lego® Storage. This wonderful Toy Box transforms to create a large Lego® City for building. Holds THOUSANDS of Bricks

If you have not seen these before, they unzip and become a play mat. The cool thing is that you can just zip up the sides to clean up!

Go HERE to take a look!

* Prices on Amazon can change at any time!


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