Swagbucks is the easiest way to earn gift cards on the web. Last year I paid for most of our Christmas with Amazon gift cards form Swagbucks! You use Swagbucks as a search engine, use it first then try google. You earn bucks for searches that you do, Friday is Mega Swagbuck day and you get more rewarded that day.

I figured I should just do a post so you all can take advantage of Swagbucks! The first thing that really made a difference in how many I had was telling people! I started telling all my friends and family and asking them to sign up and give it a try! I felt a little like I was trying to sell AMWAY or something but it really is easy to do! The key is to get people to sign up under you. When they receive a swag buck you get one too, up to the first 100. My husband, kids and some friends use swagbucks first, then go to google if they need more info. Just from this alone I can get 30 sometimes in a day!

For me I have found that the more I use swagbucks the more I win. If I am only using it occasionally I might get $1 here and there. If I am using it on a regular basis I start getting $2-$3 at a time. So being consistent seems to be a key.

When you first sign up you get $3 just for starting. To get your link so your friends and family can sign up under you, go to Swagbucks.com, then click the PROMOTE tad at the top. Click on Invite Friends and Earn, then click the green PROMOTE star. There will be a little guy with your referral link. Have your friends and family sign up under you and start earning!

Here is an easy way to earn as many as 365 Free Swagbuck in a year. I mentioned the other day that I was earning free Swagbucks just for having the toolbar installed and I’ve noticed that so far every day that I’ve logged in I have received 1 Free Swagbuck.

Here’s what it looks like when you win:


This box just appears on your screen to let you know that you’ve won. Remember, you must be Logged in to the toolbar to receive your free swagbucks! If you are logged in consistently you could earn as many as 365 extra swagbucks in a year without searching!

Also, if you haven’t joined Swagbucks yet, make sure you Sign Up Here!