Food Town Weekly Deals: 1/3

To find a Food Town location near you, go HERE. 

If you want to see the coupon policy for Food Town it is right HERE.



  • Face Value Only
  • Must come from a newspager, magazine, or mail
  • Cannot be chain or multi-cut
  • In Date (not expired)
  • Change cannot be given back
  • Customer is responsible for any sales tax


  • Original printed coupon (no copies)
  • In Date (no expired)
  • Valued at no more than $2.00
  • BOGO (Buy 1, Get 1 Free) is OK if $2.00 or less
  • We will not accept a printable coupon for any “FREE? item
  • No coupons for beer or wine
  • Can be black/white or color coupons


These deals brought to you by Frugally Thrifty!


  1. Vee says

    Also at Food Town, they have pringles for $0.99 a can. Buy 4 and use the $1/4 Q in P&G 1/1. Pay only $0.75 each. I purchased 12 bottles the other day since my husband loves these chips.

  2. Erica says

    I think the best thing I saw this week at foodtown is the GAIN fabric softener (thanks to Brandi at Realistic blog for pointing it out). 21 load bottle, original scent is $2.49 each.

    I always jump online and view their ad on Wed because my ads don’t come in the mail until Thurs and I want to prep for my shopping trips before then. Read the ‘household’ section carefully (usually pg 11 or 12 of the ad)…as they have some really great deals that often get overlooked!

    If your in the store it pays to take a walk aisle by aisle. Lots of unadvertised specials and “mgr specials”. I’ve noticed they really dislike items that come in their own stand up displays and really lowball price them to get them off the ends of their aisles…got both the ziploc holiday freezer/storage bags for .99 a box and the glade winter scent sprays (LOVE the blue one!!!) for .99 each ….and the display was up for WEEKS at that price until they sold them out. I got lots of freebies on those and lots at .55 each too w/ all those great glade coupons! My mom said her store had the ziploc holiday containers for .99 on a free standing display but mine only had the baggies.

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