How Do Target Cartwheel Coupons Work?

How Do Target Cartwheel Coupons Work

Cartwheel is a coupon program from Target that will help you save even more money. So, here is the answer to how do Target Cartwheel coupons work?

First thing you need to know

You MUST have a Facebook account to get/use these coupons. Start here, then look for the Facebook login button in the upper right corner.

The idea is that you will share what coupons you are using with your friends on Facebook and basically make the app and offers go viral for them. When allowing the app it automatically defaults to “Friends” as who can see it. If you don’t want to flood your wall with these offers, make sure you select “Only Me” when first signing in. If you have already allowed Cartwheel and want to change your settings, manage it from Facebook here.

How Do I Select What I Want?

You start selecting your offers. There are dozens to choose from, but until you unlock social/sharing badges (that would be a reason to leave the default setting on Facebook) you may only select up to 10. As you unlock more badges, you will be allowed to have more offers selected at a time.

Just click on the offer for it to “flip” over so you can select it. Hit “add” to put it in your offers list. And if you’ve changed your mind, go back and hit “remove” if you no longer want it.

How Do I Redeem the Offers?

You go to “My Cartwheel” at the top of the page and click to see the offers you have selected.

Then if you are happy with your selections, you click on “Redeem in Store” in the upper right.

You will then need to hit the “Print” button to take a page to the store and the cashier will need to scan the barcode on the printed paper.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

You can use your Cartwheel offers up to 6 times per DAY in Target stores in the US, BUT the offers are limited to 4 per household per day so plan accordingly.

Offers are not valid online or in Canada at this time.

YES! You can stack Target Cartwheel offers with manufacturer Coupons AND/OR Target Store coupons. “Target store coupons are deducted before Cartwheel savings are applied.  Manufacturer’s coupons are deducted after cartwheel savings are applied.”


Kellogg’s Cereal 15oz – $2.00 (sale price, example math only)
Use $0.30/1 Kellogg’s Cereal Target Coupon
= $1.80
Use 10% off Cartwheel Coupon
= $1.62
Use $1.00/1 Kellogg’s Cereal Manufacturer Coupon (from insert or printable)
Final Price: $0.62

Plus, your purchase will still be eligible for any available Ibotta or rebate offers!

Offers do have expiration dates, so pay attention.

So, Do you have more questions about How Do Target Cartwheel Coupons Work? Just comment and I’ll try to help!


  1. tanya says

    Yes, thank you but oh how I detest these “complicated” coupon programs that have you jump through hoops to save a few bucks!

    • Tiffany says

      Same here. BUT I used to think the ECB program at CVS was complicated…. so I think if it is a store you usually shop at try doing it for a little while and it might just get second nature.

  2. says

    I have 15 slots on Cartwheel. I filled those and printed the barcode. Anyone know if I can remove those, load 15 new ones, print it and then use them in separate transactions?? Or will my first barcode void since the offers have been removed..any ideas? :)

  3. says

    Hello I want to join the target cartwheeled but I am lost. I don’t see the Facebook thing in the upper right corner. I also don’t know what to do once I do the Facebook thing. Please help

  4. Chrissy says

    I have question. Does the chartwheel discount apply if I buy more than one item in a transaction? So if I have one for advil and I buy 3 in one transaction does it apply the chartwheel discount to all 3 advils?


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