How Do Gymboree Gymbucks Work?

How Do Gymboree Gymbucks Work

Gymboree Gymbucks are another way to get a bonus back when buying items from Gymboree. You earn them when you purchase and and redeem them later. Here’s the scoop:

How do you earn Gymbucks?

You earn Gymbucks during special purchase periods at Gymboree in store, online or at outlets. When you make a qualifying purchase of $50 or more. You earn $25 in Gymbucks for every $50 purchased. Sale and clearance items DO count towards the earning of Gymbucks. All Gymbucks earned will be given in one coupon. (ie: If you spend $150, earning $75 in Gymbucks, you will receive one voucher worth $75 off a future purchase of $150+.)

The earning period is usually a couple of months. There are usually 3 to 5 earning periods per year.

How do Gymboree Gymbucks work when you redeem them?

You can redeem Gymbucks in store or online in the US if the original purchase was made in the US or in Canada if the original purchase was made in Canada. The $25 voucher is valid off a purchase of $50 or more.* You may use them on sale/clearance items. You MUST have your original purchase receipt or packing list from online order with you when redeeming Gymbucks in store. You need to enter the Gymbucks code AND the PIN for your discount to apply online, both items must be present on your voucher for redemption in store as well.

You can use multiple Gymbucks codes in one order as long as you reach at least $50 per Gymbuck you are trying to redeem. When Gymbucks are redeemed, you will receive the discount as a percentage off each item purchased.

The redemption period is usually about 10 days long and typically starts about 3 days after the end of the earning period.

*Qualifying/redemption purchase must be made in one transaction and exceed $50 before tax, donations, gift cards, gift packaging, shipping fees and after Gymboree Visa® discount and/or enrollment bonus or other discounts, as described on Gymboree shall determine the order of applying discounts and enrollment bonus in its sole discretion. Qualifying purchase must be made in one transaction. Transactions may not be combined to meet $50 thresholds. Gymbucks are not valid on Gift Card purchases.

Additional Information

If you return items on your original purchase and drop below $50 purchased, your Gymbucks become invalid. If you return items purchased with Gymbucks, you only receive a refund/credit in the amount of the discounted price. The value of the Gymbucks will not be returned to you.

Gymbucks DO expire and are NOT allowed to be redeemed once they expire.

If you have problems redeeming your Gymbucks online and are in the redemption period, call 1-877-449-6932 for assistance. See more about Gymbucks in the FAQ section of the Gymboree website or the redemption information here.

And now that you know the answer to How do Gymbucks Work, start shopping now.

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