Coupon Workshops and Classes Information

Grocery prices have been on the rise for more than 12 months straight now and many American families are starting to feel the strain on their budgets. Sick of getting up to the register only to be surprised with a $200 or $300 total? I’ve been there!

Beginning in May of 2012, I will be partnering with, to offer grocery savings workshops that will offer hope for all budgets, large or small. During these Grocery Saving and Couponing Workshops, I will be teaching you how to cut your grocery budget by 50% of more. For most families, these will mean a savings or $100 per week, or more!

I am available to teach Couponing workshops in the Houston area. I love to also do “home classes” which are more laid back, and we have the time to answer as many questions as you have. We can also tailor it to what you need to learn about.

Email me if you would like to schedule a workshop for your church, women’s group, work, MOPS or any other group of people wanting to learn how to save money!  You can reach me at [email protected]

Classes include workbook, door prizes, handouts from current sponsors and a few classes include dinner! Discounts for groups!

Current Classes: 

Upcoming Classes: 

Current  FREE Coupon 101 Classes:

Scenic Woods- Contact Aritedna Ekpro 832-393-2030
Wednesday, January 22nd 2014, and Monday, January 27th ,2014 from 5:30-7:30pm
106777 Homestead,
Houston TX 77016

Alief-Contact Djuina Hammett 832-393-1820
Saturday, February 1st 2014 2pm -4pm
7979 South Kirkwood
Houston, Texas 77072

Frank Library- Contact Patricia Tucker 832-393-2410
Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 11am -1pm
10103 Fondren, Brays Oaks Towers Building
Houston, Texas 77096

Looscan-Contact Lenore Wood 832-393-1900
Saturday, March 1st 2014 10am -1pm
2510 Willowick
Houston, Texas 77027

Stella Link –Contact Rene Phillips 832-393-2630
Wednesday, March 5th 2014 6-7:45pm
7405 Stella Link
Houston, Texas 77025

Flores-Contact Mercedes Castenada 832-393-1780
Saturday March 22nd 2014 3-4:45pm
110 North Milby
Houston, Texas 77003

Stanaker- Mercedes Castenada 832-393-2080
Saturday, March 29th 2014 3-4:45pm
611 S-Sgt. Macario Garcia
Houston, Texas 77011

Following the workshop, attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to shop with coupons using strategic couponing and menu planning techniques and achieve savings of 50% or more!

Topics discussed in the workshop include the following areas:

Strategic Grocery Shopping

  • Learn how to avoid common marketing traps at the grocery store, and shop smarter!

Realistic Couponing

  • See exactly how coupons work, how you can use them to save at least 50% on your groceries, understand your stores’ policies, and keep all those awesomecoupons organized!

Meal Planning Made Simple

  • Get practical help with how to plan out your menu to save the most money while providing healthy meals for your family!

You will receive a workbook to take lots of valuable notes during the workshop. So come prepared to learn, discuss and connect with others who are excited about saving money too!