Coupon 101

Are you new to couponing, and just starting? Have you seen people in your grocery store check out and save tons of money and you want o learn how? You are in the right place! Couponing does not have to be hard or complicated, it also does not have to be time consuming. Take a look at my “Getting started 4-easy steps” page HERE. This will help you start thinking about what to do first.

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It takes only a few weeks to get a good stash of coupons going:

  • I suggest buying 1 Sunday paper for each person in your family.
  • Intall the coupon printer and print COUPONS HERE.
  • Then, find a method that works for you to organize them.
  • Next, pick 1 grocery store and 1 drug store to start getting familiar with, print off their coupon policy and try to do a few deals there each week.
  • Find a friend to coupon with or learn from! This really helps, you can talk about what deals you find, bounce ideas off one another and trade coupons. I like having friends who coupon, as when we find a good deal we call each other so every gets the fun stuff!

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