Zaycon Turkey & Smoked Pulled Pork Event! ORDER Now!

Zaycon Foods has just added more deliciousness to your September! In addition to all the Seasoned Turkey Breast and Smoked Pulled Pork events we’ve already scheduled around OK and TX, we’re now adding our famous Buffalo-style Wings and Breaded Chicken Tenders!

And to make the deal just a bit more tasty, we’ve also dropped the price. You can get your hands on Zaycon’s fully cooked, ready to heat-and-serve wings for just $2.99 a pound, and our cooked-and-ready breaded tenders are on sale for just $1.99 a pound!

With rising food prices, Zaycon Foods is still committed to bringing you amazing quality products at amazing prices!

This is what to do:

  • Go HERE to Zaycon Foods.
  • Create an account and register.
  • When registering choose your area, this will allow them to know how many people are interested in an event in that area so they can set one up. Then you will get an email alerting you to an event that is coming. It is important to choose a location/state so that if you have people in that area waiting for enough to make an order, combining you all together will do that!
  • Then go to “View my account” and you can see what is coming in your area and how to order!

** If you would like to split a case with someone. please leave a comment by clicking on the comment button. I know many people who want to split a case. Leave your first name, area you live in and how much you want. 

Buying in bulk is one of the ways that I save a lot of money on food. You do not have to have a large chest freezer to store this much chicken. Also, consider splitting an order with a friend or neighbor.

The chicken is 100% natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients, and will be priced around $1.84 a pound!!!


  1. Ann says

    Has anyone ever tried Zaycon and have any experiences to share? I’m very interested in trying this out, but I’ve read mixed reviews on the internet so I’m hesistant to give it a shot. I would love to hear from anyone so I can make an educated decision.


    • Lisa says

      I’m surprised about the mixed reviews! I can only speak for the chicken breasts, but I LOVED them. I got a box last year and I vacuum sealed each one with my foodsaver to freeze. They are huge, 1 is more than enough for 2 people and they lasted me for 9 months (just my DH and I). I loved never having to buy chicken. I think they quality is excellent and the price is not bad for natural & hormone free, cheaper than HEB/Central Market (only other place I trust with my meats). They were doing a pickup right in my neighborhood, so it was really convenient. They were packed too! The line was super long, so it’s pretty popular out here in Cypress. I am planning on ordering another box this year and I’ll probably do the ground beef and bacon next time around. We don’t eat wings or much smoked meat and if I wanted chicken strips I’d just make them myself out of the chicken breasts.

      • Tiffany says

        I have also never seen any negative reviews! I am not sure where you saw any but we have always been really happy!

  2. Ann says

    Thanks for the help! I ordered a 40lb case of chicken breasts to try them out. It sounds like they should be pretty good!!!!

    The negative reviews I read mainly said they switch pick up times last minute (so I was worried if I picked a Saturday pick up time when I was off work it may get switched to a Monday-Friday pick up time where I woudn’t be able to make it so easily). Anyway, you guys have re-assured me that they’re worth a shot!

    Tiffany, I used your referral link so I hope you got your referral credit :)

    Thanks again and Happy Friday!!

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