Walmart: HUGE Overage This Weekend!

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:: Has anyone tried this deal yet?? :: 

Have you guys seen this deal yet?? This is just nuts! Ok coming up this weekend in your Sunday paper you are going to be getting a $10/3 Gas X coupon in your inserts. Hopefully you get multiple papers because you are going to want this coupon…

Walmart sells Gas X for as low as $1.98, and this coupon has no restrictions. That means that you can get some serious overage on this coupon this weekend. Now, it is a regional coupon, and so I hope we get it here in TX. AND, I can imagine that all the Gas X will be gone in the stores quick, so you have to get in there fast.

Buy Gas-X $1.98-2.48
Use $10/3 Gas-X Product, (SS 10/13/13)
Total: Free + up to $4.06 OVERAGE

Thanks I Heart The Mart 


    • Mary S says

      Our Walmart (Cornelia Ga)does this all the time.The week before the softsoap coupons popped up, they had loads.I went the day they came out and a friend who works there said they moved them to the warehouse the night before.

  1. Marie says

    This is in the fine print of my coupon. It states will pay the lesser value of either the face value of the coupon or the cost of products. So given the problems I have had with Walmart, their cashiers and overage in general, I don’t think it will work. Good luck to those it does work for.

  2. jennie says

    going to try this morning Wish me luck !!!

    Tammy is right they like to pull stuff off the shelf!!! I finally got the Schick Razors one walmart would not let me it beeped but another walmart was okay even a manager looked at the coupon and he said looked okay to him. Yeah !

    • Tiffany says

      The Walmart coupon policy says that if it beeps they are not required to push it through. So, that being said, if they decide to not take it if it beeps there isn’t much you can do but then go use it at Walgreens!


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