HOT!!!! It’s On!!! Walmart Skylander Wii & XBox & PS3 $37 Instore!!!

Skylanders SWAP ForcePaul is at Walmart right now and just bought both the Wii and XBox version on Skylander for only $37!!!! This is the set normally priced at $79 and it is on sale NOW! You don’t have to wait until tomorrow!



  1. Julie says

    You and Paul have this so much fun to plan and go get deals. We just got bothe Skylanders and Disney Infinity for $37.00 in Clinton IL. Thanks for updates!!!

  2. Amber says

    I hope they still have some in the morning. :( I wish I had know they were on sale before work. I can’t leave (boo) so I have to wait till 7am to get to Wal-Mart. Then I forgot my $10 off from the lays coupon too.

  3. Shannon says

    Thank you! Also some frito lays multi-packs of chips have skylander swapforce starter pack $10 off coupons in them (glad I stocked up at beginning of school). :)

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