Houston Chronicle $.50 for a Sunday paper!

Thanks to Shelly and Melissa for some great information about the Houston Chronicle! You can get the Sunday paper delivered for only $.50! In order to get this deal you need to pay for a year at a time. That might sound like a lot but it is only $26 a year!

CAll 713-220-7211 for information, this might be for new subscribers only.


  1. Hilda says

    I just know called and I already have a script for Thurs. – Sun. They let me add a few more without haveing to cancel my first. I just paid the year for the sunday only scripts. This is great I had previously been told I could not add extra Sundays only.

  2. Lara says

    I just called and whoever I spoke with let me cancel my old subscription and buy 2 at the $0.50 price. Hopefully I don’t run into delivery problems like some of you have mentioned.

  3. Patti says

    My current subscription ends this weekend and I got my bill yesterday. I called this morning and they said I couldn’t change. I get 2 papers each week at $1 each. But not allowed to change it.

  4. Melissa says

    Y’all Rock! It totally worked – now I don’t have to be printing all my coupons – I’ll be so much better prepared. Thanks so much!

  5. Leanna says

    I guess this is the best deal? I just moved to TX and could previously get Los Angeles times with online coupon codes for under $10/yr for sunday delivery (max. 3 papers). This is a lot more expensive for me.

  6. SD says

    I just ordered my $0.50 subscription today! Yay! I thought I was too late for this deal, but I told them that I had heard about this special. I wasn’t able to to order more than 1 subscription at this price, but the discounted rate of $1.25 was at least cheaper than the regular rate. Just had to share!

  7. mommy g says

    My Chron renewel letter was for 1 yr Sunday Only for $65, but thanks to your web site I only paid $26. That is a $39 savings that can go to ……….

    :) 5/26/2011

  8. Lisa says

    I tried to get the .50 deal today and she said they don’t honor it anymore. They are now doing a $1 deal for the Sunday paper (still not too bad). But since I told her “my friend” got it for .50 in May, she let me get it for 0.75! Which is still only $39 a year :) Thank you!


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