Start Earning for Christmas NOW! How I pay for my kids Christmas!


I have personally used Swagbucks for years now. I can vouch that they are legit and worth taking a look at. This is how I pay for a good part of my kids Christmas EVERY year for the past 5 years. I exchange Swagbucks for Amazon Gift Cards in the Swagstore. 

I usually have $600 in gift cards by December when I start NOW and do a few Swag searches each day. This helps me earn “Swagbucks” which earns me gift cards. * Even searching “MyLitter” usually gets me a few bucks! :)

Swagbucks is the easiest way to earn gift cards on the web, hands down!  Last year I paid for most of our Christmas with Amazon gift cards form Swagbucks! You use Swagbucks as a search engine, use it first then try google. You earn bucks for searches that you do, if I don’t find it first on Swagbucks, then I use Google.  Joining Swagbucks has been one of the BEST things I have done to stretch my budget!


Swagbucks just released the Armed Forces Appreciation Collector’s Bills! They’re live now until Sunday, June 1st at 11:59pm PT, so you have until then to collect all 5 Bills. Each Collector’s Bill celebrates the armed forces of different Swagbucks countries, and if you collect all 5, you’ll automatically receive a 15 SB bonus!

So how do you collect them? It’s easy, just use Swagbucks Search as your normal search engine, and you’ll randomly win different Collector’s Bills – plus Swag Bucks each time you get a Bill! Why not get a little extra towards a free gift card for just searching online? If you haven’t gotten free gift cards from Swagbucks yet, sign up here to get started and collect all the Armed forces Appreciation Collector’s Bills!


  1. Sierra says

    I LOVE SWAGBUCKS! It’s super easy to do! I’m not super involved either. I miss a ton of codes and have never shopped through them, which earns mega points! I also have no referrals which is another easy way to earn points.

    But what I do happen to do allows me to collect enough swagbucks to earn on average $15 to $20 in amazon giftcards a month. Nothing super special but it’s something more than I had before.

    I simply installed the toolbar… BAM 1pt every day I open my browser! I answer the daily poll… BAM another point. I do the NOSO daily.(2pts) Occasionally when I’m watching tv I will do the daily crave as well.
    How I rack up my points is on my smartphone.
    I downloaded all 3 apps!

    I login to swagbucks to enter any codes I randomly come across during the day and to complete the daily poll.
    When I wake up in the morning I start SBTV on one of my apple devices while I get ready (don’t be surprised if it freezes a lot and you have to press done and reenter).
    When I get to work I start SBTV again until I max out at 50 swagbucks. (for every 5 videos you get 2pts… **Find a short video -less than a minute- and swipe your finger to the side to make it a favorite then play your favorite video on repeat for faster completion**
    Once I’ve maxed that out I start ENTERTAINOW. Sometimes I max out with them but most times I don’t.

    And on days when I feel like doing more I’ll jump on the computer and play 10 games of swag jump. It’s a super short game so you max out on your points quickly. I’ll then switch over and complete part of my survey profile for a few points and attempt a few surveys to see if I qualify for some higher value points.

    It’s extremely simple and it lets me build up some amazon giftcards which I usually spend on the super cheap AMAZON deals posted here! I’ve gotten necklaces and hair clips, notebooks, even OLAF for my daughters FROZEN themed birthday. :)

    If you are looking for a few extra dollars for those extras you want this is a simple way to accomplish it. :) GOOD LUCK! And be sure to sign up under someone so they can earn points off of your earnings as well!

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