Mega Swagbucks Day – 3 Tips on how to get more Swag!

Friday is Mega Swagbucks day, that means that you should get more bucks today doing searches. Some of you have been looking for ways to get more Swagbucks and so I wanted to take a few Fridays to point out some of the ways that I use to find my Swagbucks.

1. Each day you can take a “poll” on Swagbucks. This will get you 1 buck, but it takes about 10 seconds. You can find it HERE or if you are on the main page look under the “earn” tab.

2. Install the Swagbucks toolbar. You can do that HERE. Just for having the tool bar each day they will give you a buck. It also helps you to remember to use Swagbucks and it will allow them to notify you of free swag codes in the tool bar. I have so much “clutter” on my laptop from blogging that I don’t have the tool bar on it. But I do have it on my desk top and my computer at work. I earn more from the computers that I have it on, then the laptop.

3. Recycle your old cell phones and earn Swagbucks. I have not done this one yet as my little kids think my old cell phones are the coolest thing EVER! As soon as I am able to pry them away form them and turn them in, I want to do it for Swagbucks. You can go HERE and see what yours might be worth. Swagbucks will pay for the shipping for you to send it in, you will be able to print off a pre-paid label and mail it in.

Stay tuned for more tips next week!


  1. brandy keagy says

    I actually just purchased the pat boone eversave deal through swagbucks. It is supposed to give you 448 swagbucks, almost enough for an amazon gc! I haven’t gotten the bucks yet. Have you ever purchased a daily deal through them?

  2. says

    Click on the NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers) link daily and click “skip” through all of the offers. Once you get through all of the offers, you get Swagbucks regardless of if you click on an offer.

  3. Deanna says

    Also you can sign in using the toolbar, click on trusted surveys and invite at least one friend to get an extra point per day for each. Ad rewards are pretty easy too under special offers.


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