Kroger Super Sale – Cereal only $.49 a box!

Kroger Super Sale Cereal $.49

You can only find the coupon HERE. There is the possibility they will pull this, so I would go TONIGHT! 

The Kroger Super Sale combined with the mega event is almost BETTER then the perfect coupon storm. If you need cereal RUN to Kroger before your ad changes over Wednesday morning!

:: My Trip ::

  • Total Coupons Used: $44.75
  • Total Kroger Savings: $164.79
  • Total Saved: $209.54
  • Total Paid: $117.13

You can read about the Kroger Super Sale HERE. Basically there are some insanely good ecoupons that you can “load” to your Kroger card today, and for the next 2 1/2 weeks. The one you will want to load for the cereal is the $6/4 General Mills cereal coupon. You will then combine this coupon with the mega event that is currently going on right now, when you buy 5 you save $5.


Buy 20 Big G Cereals @ $2.99 = $59.80
Get $20.00 off instantly = $39.80
Use  $6.00 off 4 Kroger Digital Coupon (minus $30.00 – comes off 5 times)
Total: $9.80 for 20 Boxes ($0.49 each!!!)

* Tip – make sure you buy the BIG Family Size boxes. Also, the regular yellow box of Cheerios does not seem to be working. I tested it with Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Kix, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

:: Deals I Did ::

Buy 20 Big G Cereals @ $2.99 = $59.80
Get $20.00 off instantly = $39.80
Use  $6.00 off 4 Kroger Digital Coupon (minus $30.00)
= $9.80 for 20 Boxes ($0.49 each!!!)

Bounty Paper Towels $5.99 
Use $1/1 Bounty Duratowel, exp. 8/31/13 (P&G 07/28/13)
Total: $4.99

Gushers $1.49 
Used $1 off Kroger Super Sale ecoupon (came off 5 times!)
Total: $.49

Nestle Water $2.99 
Use $1/2 Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, exp. 9/8/13 (RP 07/28/13 R)
Total: $2.49
* There is also a catalina deal going right now

Muller Yogurt $1
Use $1/2 Muller Fruitup Yogurt, exp. 8/15/13 (RP 06/30/13)
Total: $.50

Kraft Singles $1.99 
Used $2/2 Kroger Super Sale coupon 
Total: $.99

Gillette Shave Gel $1.99 
Use $6/3 Gillette Cartridge, Razor, Shave Prep, or Skin Deodorant, Hair Care Product, exp. 9/30/13 (RP 08/11/13 R)
Total: Free

Febreze Air Effects $1.99
Use $1 off Kroger ecoupon 
Total: $.99

Cascade Tabs $2.97
Used $.50 off Kroger ecoupon 
Total: $2.49

Dawn Dish Soap $1.74
Used $.50 Kroger ecoupon
Total: $1.24

Fusion ProGlide Razor $7.49
Used $3/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor, exp. 9/30/13 (RP 08/11/13)
Total: $4.49

Gillette Woman’s Razor $4.99
Used $3/1 Gillette Razor (Kroger Digital Coupon)
Total: $1.99

* Find more coupons HERE and print coupons HERE. Also, find out how to get the Houston Chronicle delivered for cheap HERE.


  1. says

    That is a great haul! They have that same sale here at Smith’s, but prices and deal options are a little different. I also got Gushers for $0.49 each! Thank goodness, because my stockpile was down to just one box and my kids were getting worried.

  2. April says

    Holy Cow!! Thats awesome!! I am going to the store today to pick up some cereal. Question. I see the Gain in your pic, what awesome deal did you get? Thanks

  3. Venessa says

    For the cereal I used it for the family size honey nut Cheerios and the lucky charms. And it also worked on the large box of multigrain Cheerios and large box of the Reese’s puffs.

  4. Anna says

    I have a Kroger ecoupon for $1 off any 2 Cheerios and the $6.00 off 4 Big G cereals? If I buy only 4 boxes, will they “prioritize” the $6 off 4 or will they take off the $1 off 2 first which will make the $6 off not applicable?

  5. kati says

    ok– i just bought 12 boxes (the kroger on jones / 1960 had empty shelves! THE HORROR lol) 4 lucky charms, 7 trix, 1 coca puffs- and a bag of salad- and my plus card didn’t work – so they physically took $12 off – and i just called – since they missed $6- and they said i can come back tomorrow and redeem $6! all for 9.30 2 boxes of trix, and a box of lucky charms were not included in the mega event (i forgot it was 5 for $5 savings and my MATH was wrong! plus they didn’t have what i wanted) so — on the boxes not included in the mega event- i COULD NOT of used a manufacturer coupon of $1/3? (right???) and did i read right — i can’t use any of my catalina’s from my last trip? of $4 (crystal light) and $2 off colgate/palmolive? for another total of $6

    • Tiffany says

      YES you can use catalinas from a previous trip since those are not coupons but just cash off! So use those catalinas to even make it a better deal! Were the Kix and Lucky Charms smaller boxes? They should have all been included in the mega event.

      • kati says

        yes they were the big boxes– i didn’t get any kix– i got 4 lucky charms (small box i think) , 7 trix (small box- but was still 1.83) and one cocoa puff i am going to freeze them since i freeze EVERYTHING (even chips) it makes me kinda upset at kroger that they are not over stocking shelves- or at least end caps for this deal i hope i can get rain checks if i can’t get anymore cocoa puffs lol before this deal expires

        now sunday we were able to get the BIG boxes for 1.88 and i finally saved 47% ($198 off my total!– paid $229- but haven’t been shopping in like 5 weeks or so!)

  6. Marilyn says

    Make sure to check the expiration date on all the cereal. I went to the Kroger on 11th and N. Shepherd and three of my Kix boxes were from 2012! I went back to exchange them for one Kix box and two Multi-grain Cheerios and I ended up getting money back. (which I didn’t understand but was very happy about). :)

  7. Connie P says

    I have been to this sale 3 times! Every time I have saved at least 52% off my bill. Also, my Kroger on Loop 336 and I45 s in Conroe, is having a great meat sale. I got two pork butt roasts, each about 11 pounds, for about $9.00 each! Family sized packages of cubed steaks and family sized packages of beef chuck shoulder steaks for about $8.00 each!

  8. Emily Roberts says

    Ok maybe I am reading this wrong but You took off the $20 from the buy 5 get $5 2X? Or was your store really 2.99 to start with? Mine is 3.99 then 2.99 after you buy the 5 so It would be like .99 a cereal for me.

    • Tiffany says

      Where are you located?

      Mine is $1.99 AFTER the $1 off for mega event. Are you still on the mega event sale?

      • Julie says

        The large boxes of lucky charms at my Kroger in Alvin is also 2.99 mega price. The smaller boxes are the 1.99 ones.

  9. Desire' says

    I’m curious where the coupons came from for the Gillette shave gel. I can only find ones that are $2 off. I have yet to find one for $6/3 shave gels. And when does the Mega Event end?

  10. Tracy G. says

    Hey Tiffany,
    Thanks for the great deal on cereal! I got 12 Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 2 Honey Nut Cherrios, and 6 boxes of reg. Cherrios, plus my free bag of cheetos all for $9.80..what a great deal Thanks, Told my son-in-law about the deal and they have tried to find the $6.00 off coupon to load to their card and its not there anymore. Was this coupon only available this morning.

  11. Amanda says

    So did i have another couponing failure or did it ring up wrong?!? My store did not have enough to buy 20 so i got 16. 3-multigrain cheerios at 2.99 each, 2 cinnamon toast crunch at 2.99 each, 2 reeses puffs at 2.99, and the rest were all gm cereals but 2.88 and and one 3.99? It only took one 6.00 coupon off one time? Now i have tons of cereal to return?!

  12. Ntcoupons says

    I just checked my card. The ceral coupon is still on there. Will I be able to still use it? I was going tonight to use it? Since our mega event ends tomorrow. Thanks


  13. Julie says

    Kroger still has that $6/4 boxes of Big G cereal in my choices… I just haven’t chosen to use it. I don’t know how I could have it and others not…. if it was pulled.

  14. Kathy says

    My starting prices were higher, so my final price per box was .99! I bought 20 boxes and they only took 3 ecoupons off, so I went to customer service and they gave me $12 on a Kroger Card back. I can’t figure out how the gushers are so cheap…they are on sale for 1.50 and the ecoupon is .50 off of 2 boxes, which would make them 1.25 each.

  15. Amy says

    Hey Tiffany! I just wanted to let you know what happened. After you posted the post that it was a mistake that the coupon was released I went to the store and tried it. I bought 8 boxes just to be safe. When I scanned my card it took off the $6/4 coupon 1 time and took a $2/4 that I had loaded to my card from the my exclusive coupons. I was bummed that the $6/4 didn’t come off twice but I don’t think $0.99 was to terribly bad for the size of the boxes I picked up. I did use the $1 off fruit snacks and that one did come off 5 times.

  16. Whitney says

    3 Krogers in Houston…. No big boxes of anything!!!! Knew I should have gone earlier today. Anyone know of any Krogers that has the cereal?

    • Jennifer says

      Tonight I went out of way a bit to Kroger in Crosby. A nice kid by the name of Luke seen me looking at the cereals and asked if I was doing this deal. There were none on the shelves and he ran to the back and brought me out 20 boxes. All were around the 20oz mark! I don’t know where you are in houston but Crosby has them in the back. Call ahead first though! I thought that was really really nice of an employee! He could’ve easily told me they were out! I plan on calling the store in the morning about him!

  17. kati says

    ok i went to the kroger in la porte — and the large boxes of reeces worked (but somehow a smaller box got in there somehow UGH but it was the smaller boxes of lucky charms 11.5 oz, 11.8 oz cin toast crunch, trix 10.7 oz that were part of the deal — and i also heard they weren’t supposed to have it available until AFTER the mega event as well — i had my list printed just in case it didn’t work on my card…which it didn’t

  18. Rosa says

    I order 2 chronicle only got one I order 6 moths subscription didn’t get it I called chronicle a they don’t have information

  19. says

    I still have it on my card (just loaded it this morning!) and my friend still has it on their card… Crossing fingers it still works tomorrow. Running low on cereal and looking forward to some cheap breakfasts!!

  20. Wanda Hill says

    At the Huntsville Kroger the Big G Cereals are $3.99, drops to $2.99 wub5,Had to go to service to get the $6/4 q-pon to work.
    So I got cereal for $1.49 a box. Not a good selection-I got 4 cinnamon toast crunch and 4 honey nut cheerios.

  21. Anne says

    I want to do this deal this morning, but wanted to know….do the boxes have to say “Family Size”, or can it just be based on a larger box and/or the ones that show $2.99. Please help! I tried this about 6pm yesterday and there were no “Family Size” boxes, so I came home empty handed (afraid of it not working based on just using the larger boxes in this deal.) Thanks so much in advance!

  22. Cassey R. says

    I loaded the coupon on my card yesterday before I had even seen this post. Did not think anything at the time of the coupon tell I got home last night and checked out this site, and saw the great deal you got. so I wrote down my list and planned to go first thing in the morning since the store was already closed at this point.

    I just returned from Kroger’s, and this was what I got.

    Transaction 1:
    5-Kool Aid canisters
    Paid my $5 and got the $4 coupon back

    Transaction 2:
    10 Boxes Honey nut Cheerios
    6 boxes of Kix
    2 Boxes cinnamon toast Crunch
    2 Boxes Lucky charms
    1 Cheetos Mix up (last Fridays free item)
    2 Loafs of Kroger’s bread

    Used my coupon $6/4 x5
    And the coupon from transaction 1 for a grand total of $7.56

    So the coupon was still working today for those that was not sure.

  23. Brandy says

    Literally while I was loading up my basket a guy came up and hung a “limit 5” sign. Oh well. Still got 5 huge boxes for $3.95.

  24. Anonymous says

    I went this morning to try the deal and it worked. My store in the Katy area still had a lot of the Honey Nut Cheerios and a few of the rest. I got 4 lucky charms, 4 cinnamon toast crunch and 12 Honey nut cheerios. All for 4.80 after the $5 catalina I got from the nestle water I had purchased yesterday! Now I’m all stocked up on cereal for a very long time! Thanks for letting us know about this great deal!

  25. Molly says

    Hello ladies,

    I recently moved from Houston to Washington st. and realized that our local fred meyer sells Kroger grocery products. I was able to add the $6/4 GM cereals to my card but do not see the mega event of $5 off of 5 in there add, does anyone know if they are running this sale??

    Thank you!

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